American Pie Cover The phrase ‘youth is wasted on the young’ is a very common phrase, full of irony and hope, distilled within the oeuvre of nihilism. Alternatively, it is also something bitter old people say when they are pissed off with someone younger than they are. Just like Director: Paul Weitz; are Actors: Jason Biggs, Eugene Levy, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyson Hannigan, and Seann William Scott – specifically for 95 minutes in 1999.

American Pie (Unrated)

It’s high-school time in middle-America – and sex is in the air at Stifler’s party (Sean William Scott) – especially when loud-mouthed Sherman announces that he has just got his ‘leg over’ after said event.

So what are the sexually frustrated quartet going to do about this? Huh? Oh! What sexually frustrated quartet? Why James (Jason Biggs), Chris (Chris Klein), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), and Paul (Eddie Kaye Thomas), of course! Well, Kevin goads his three class-chums into a pact, denoting that they each have to find a filly and then ‘go do the business with her’ on the night of prom. Therefore, the road ahead of them is paved, and...
  • KEVINS’ TALE: Kevin is dieing to get his gal-pal - Victoria (Tara Reid) - into the sack. And so, who does he go to for advice on this? No – not Professor X – he goes to his brother instead, who tell him that a way into a woman (if you forgive the visual imagery) is knowledge – specifically the knowledge from a secret ledger hidden within the Library. And does this work? Yep – in a rather climactic way it does.
  • CHRIS’ TALE: Because he has had a rather bad track record where the opposite sex is concerned, Chris decides to change his tactics, and attempts to gage women on a more personable level. For Chris though, this mean’s one thing, and one thing only – to join the choir. And does this work? Yes – in a round about way it does have some positive attributes – because he meets Heather (Mena Suvari), a young singer that he is drawn too her sullen charms. Still, is ‘sullen’ any match for his ‘sport’ and ‘Stifler’? Well, in the words of John Lennon – all you need is love.
  • PAULS’ TALE: Paul has a devious plan to win the affections of any lady whom meet’s his acquaintance – a plan of rumour. Somehow, he sets up tales of fantasy amongst his high-school pals, and then waits for the girl of his dreams to come a running? And does this work? Hmm? Not in the way he thinks – particularly if Stifler has anything to say about it.
  • JAMES’ TALE: James is a very curious lad where sex is concerned. Now his Dad (Eugene Levy) acknowledges this fact, and tries his best to curb his son’s path, even though he keeps on getting into awkward situations because of his temperament – most notably with a pie. Still, as luck would have it, a foreign exchange student – Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) – does pose a possible opportunity for James. But alas, this does not really work out they way he would have liked it to, and so ends up taking nerdish musician, Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), to the prom instead.

On the night of the prom, sex is in the air once more. However, this time, this manifests itself in a different way than before. For Kevin, it is perfection – for Chris, it is love – for James, it is lust – and for Paul... errr... he gets his wish.

I find that 'American Pie' is a very deceiving film. On a cosmetic level, it is a story about Americana and that whole ‘pretty-pretty’ high school ‘am I going to get my leg-over’ ploy – such as in a film like 'Porkeys' for example. But on a much more deeper level, it is about how adolescents realize that there is much more to love than lust, intricately planned out within a tale written by some very cleaver writers.

What I mean by my ‘writing remark’; is that each of the characters within this film, is utilized to progress the story along in very directions. For a start, the main three characters in the film – Jason Biggs, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Chris Klein – are used to express different paths that a youth can make to find love. Next, there is the exposition character – played by Natasha Lyonne – whom titivates the story, and then pushes it to where it needs to go. After that, there is the interwoven character’s – played by Seann William Scott and Eddie Kaye Thomas – whom join certain scenes and plot points together (Eddie on the inside, and Seann on the outside). And finally, there is the objects of desire – i.e. the girls – whom sparkle with radiant youth, thus making the final pay-off that much more special.

Oh! One minute - there is one set of characters that I almost forgot to mention, the surprising character’s – played by Eugene Levy and Alyson Hannigan – these are the devices used which make the fun more funny, and the tension more sweet.

The guys from American Pie

OK, so now that I have explained how the writers structured ‘American Pie’ – kind of – I can now continue the motion by elaborating on how shit it is as well.


I liked this film – I did not think that I would – but I did like it. It is a story that makes you yearn back to yesteryear if you are older, or alternatively make you giggle if you are younger.

How so? Well, it is identifiable in many ways, and I am sure that most people out there can spot there counterpart amongst the cast. Me – I’m a mixture of Jason’s and Eddie’s character – as I am a laid back clown who always gets there in the end.

Hmm? Maybe that is why I preferred Jason’s segments more so than the others – especially those with Eugene Levy, whom really does lend himself with this type of ‘fatherly role’.

The Cast of American Pie

I also liked Eddie’s segments too – and would have preferred to have seen a bit more of him in actual fact. Now this is not to say that Thomas and Chris’ segments were not as good – all I am saying that they were not as relatable to me – that’s all.

Overall, ‘American Pie’ is fun and funny film. It is able to entertain, amuse, delight, and tell a parallel story on the theme of lust – plus – you get to see Shannon Elizabeth's tit’s too. What more could you ask for? Hmm? Her ass next time as well? HA! We’ll see – hopefully. 

Sexy Shannon Elizabeth


AMERICAN PIE AMERICAN PIE Reviewed by David Andrews on August 11, 2011 Rating: 5
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