Now I am sure that there are many-many reasons for a husband and a wife to split up. It could be due to a conflict of interests – a personality clash – an adulterous affair – or even a comic book. Yep – a comic book – more specifically this one Written by Tony Daniel; Drawn by Steve Scott; and Published by DC Comics in 2011.

Whilst the Riddler and his daughter, Enigma, invade the Falcone residence, Dick (Batman) Grayson goes in search for Harvey (Two Face) Dent in a bar. And what does Batman find? A drunk – a drunk whom leads him towards a rather emotional and bi-polar confrontation.

Inadvertently, Batman interrupts a clash of two rival forces poised upon a bridge – with Two-Face and his men on the one side, and Mario Falcone, Gilda Dent, and their hoodlums on the other.  Relentlessly, this ruckus is not to everyone’s liking – as men are shot – buildings blow – anarchy runs free, resulting in Mario to be gun downed by Two-Face – Gilda to be distraught by Two-Face – and Batman to be overcome by Gilda.

In the aftermath of these events, certain facts come to light about ‘other stuff’ in Gotham City. Firstly, Catgirl, has pissed off to boarding school – and secondly, the Riddler shoots his daughter, Enigma, after grabbing his file from the Falcone residence.

You know what? It is not an everyday occurrence for me, that after reading a comic book, the best thing about it was the prologue – which had nothing to do with the overall story at all. Strange that, huh? Now this is not to say that I did not like the main thrust of the story – as it was OK – but I just found that the aftermath was much more... hmmm... to my liking. And why was that? Catgirl and Enigma are no more, YAHOOO!!! Those two stains on the Bat-Mythos were just like a pork sandwich at a Muslim wedding – they had no point being there.  Anyway, there gone now – so I can sleep more easily, and just worry about what else Tony Daniel is going to do next to the Bat-Books.   

However, let us pontificate about Tony taking up the creative duties on the re-buffed Detective Comics for another time, huh? As at the moment, it is all to do with the Batman – and what the hell is happening there. For a start, this story, like some of the others’ proceeding this one, is a rather simple, strange, and sanguine affair, which does not really lend itself to being anything more than a benign adventure full of futility. Granted, the art, by Steve Scott, is just spot on, and does add a level of dynamism to the action scenes. Nevertheless, as for the story by Tony Daniel – oops – it does not seem to exhume the gravitas for this type of tale. In many ways it reminded me of a made for TV movie, as it has all the hallmarks of being a great tale, but just failed to deliver in the execution. Take the Gilda and Harvey confrontation for example, as the sentiment was there, the pacing was very nice, but the overall tone just felt kid of find of flat to me – as if these two characters were both going though the motions like a couple of z-class actors.

Anyway, I am sure that Tony can eventually find his footing again once he starts up his tenure on Detective. Shame really – as I do feel bad disrespecting his work in the way I have. It is just that some of his ‘new stuff’ does not really float my boat on a creative level – as, to me, it does not feel right contextually or tonally. Still, given time, and maybe a slap in the head, Tony will hopefully make a more positive mark on the Bat-Franchise again. Hopefully.   


BATMAN #712 BATMAN #712 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 15, 2011 Rating: 5
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