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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak to a demon? You know, one of those ugly looking buggers whom scowl and terrorize the populous with there malicious intent and sterile nature. Just like politicians in fact! Or alternatively, you can think of them as Writer / Artist combo: David Finch; plus Publishers: DC Comics, in July 2011.

The people of Gotham City are quite troubled at the moment. And why is that? Well: (1) In a darkened alley, a possessed Ragman fights the Demon Etrigan, and wins. (2) In the Batmobile, a street urchin whom is driving this vehicle, is being talked down by Alfred from afar (3) In a dinner, Commissioner Gordon and his prominent usurper, Forbes, are having a disagreement about ethics. And (4) In a disused warehouse, a bound Batman and an imposing Killer Crock are both watching Television together.

Ahhh, isn’t that lovely.

No – I am afraid not. As on the other end of the screen – is the Penguin – whom tells Batman and Croc a sad story about another detainee, Dawn, before informing them that they are about to be blown up. So does this come about? This... BOOM? Yes – yes it does. Though only once Croc flees the scene and Batman is able to save Dawn from certain doom.


Now that Penguin is a naughty chap, huh? Especially considering that he is taking his orders from a green-skinned demon. To be continued...

Quite near from where I live, there building a modern looking six-story apartment block. And do you know what? It has been quicker for the builders to build that building, than it has been for Finch to write and draw this comic book. True you know – everyday I would look out my window and mumble under my breath in astonishment “The builders are winning?”.

Anyway, enough about the lateness of this comic book, what is it about this comic book that makes it so good or so bad? Hmm? What a horrible question! So far, this series has been good for one thing – the art – and bad for something else – the story – and has maintained this consistency through out. Take this issue for example, story wise its is ‘all over the place’ – especially at the beginning – as it just jumps in and out of story strands as if it was a coke- addict on a pogo stick. Now don’t get me wrong, you can figure out most of what is going on within this fractured narrative – I just wished that this didn’t have to be the case, that’s all.

However, where the art is concerned, WOW! Every panel in this issue could easily be hanged in the Louver – it is just that good. The depth is there in the inking, the colouring is there in the saturation, and the layouts are just too pitch perfect to mention – very Adam Kubert. Nevertheless, good artwork alone does not a good story make – it needs a story that keeps you captivated from one panel to the next, with a through line that makes sense per ‘scene’. Granted, I understand that the basic pretext is about this ‘good-time girl’, Dawn, and how Batman is trying to save her from ‘the Penguin’ and his cronies. Still, what is all that ‘demon stuff’ about? Yo no entiendo! Listen, I am very familiar with Etrigan, the Ragman, and I think that the last Demon was one of the ‘Demon Three’ – but how do they fit into all of this? OK, I know that we will get to this fragment of the story eventually; I just hope that it is before they tear down that new apartment block near from where I live.


THE DARK KNIGHT #3 THE DARK KNIGHT #3 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 03, 2011 Rating: 5
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