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Sometimes people can’t help but become confused. It happens amidst a conversation – it happens whilst you are at work – and it happens when you least expect it. And do you know what? It happened to me when I read this issue of the Dark Knight, one Written by David Finch; Drawn by Jason Fabok; and Published by DC Comics in August 2011.

It is a confusing time for the residence of Gotham City, with all of them presented with a dilemma not to there liking.

A street urchin is confused because she left something behind in the batmobile whilst this mode of transportation was briefly in her grasp. 

Commissioner Gordon is confused by the flippant manner Lieutenant Forbes is disrespecting him in his own office – especially when the Lieutenant gets his arrested for possessing the lethal drug, Venom.

The Demon Etrigan is confused because during his battle with Ragman, Mistress Blaze suddenly shows up and proposes to him an alliance that he cannot turn down – he doesn’t.

And Batman is confused because after saving Dawn from the Penguins clutches, she tells him a somewhat confusing tale. Now this tale comprises the fear Dawn has for her now deceased father – a magical pact that he sealed her in when he was alive – as well as whatever is coming up next for her.

A Demon perhaps? To be continued...

Not sure – not sure – not sure – not sure, I am just not sure what to think about this issue of ‘The Dark Knight’. For a start, DC has decided to take Finch off of pencilling for a while, so that he can concentrate on other stuff – bad move – his pencils were the best thing about this book. Next, the story – as always – has a fractured tone to it, and plodding around from one segment to another; just trying its best to tell a tale without any momentum. After that, there is the whole ‘Commissioner Gordon subplot’, which is just irritating to read – irritating in a good way that is. And finally, there is the whole Demon angle to this thing – opps me think – tis is a bit naff in thy execution.

Now I am not saying that this issue is a complete waste of space, as in places there were some really nice touches that came as a surprise to me. The first of these surprises is that the artist had changed, as I did not really notice this until some intricate work seemed a big smudged amidst a ‘Commissioner Gordon’ scene – causing me to skip to the title page briefly to see what was going on. Fair enough, this Jason Fabok guy is no David Finch, but he does draw a mean fight scene, and very pretty ladies too. OK, you can take my remark any which way you want to really, but Jason does find his time to shine in this tale, and lends a slightly more static flair – which can be both a good and a bad thing.

So does David Finch shine in this issue as well? Hmmm? Maybe? His story is kind of lumbering along towards a logical ending – the tone is consistent with the previous issues – and the sub strands of this story arch, as ever, annoy me... in a good way though. Well, I just feel that they could have been utilised within a story of there own devising, and not used as meagre strands to another bigger story. And on top of that, there is nothing new with what is on show – Commissioner Gordon in trouble – Demon fighting Ragman – hmm? Not sure – not sure – not sure... and that is where I came in.

So-so issue, with both some nice and not so nice bits to it.


THE DARK KNIGHT #4 THE DARK KNIGHT #4 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 09, 2011 Rating: 5
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