I find that the concept of unity is a strange thing to pontificate. Well, let’s face it – what keeps people together in the face of adversity? Naivety? Trust? Kinship? Fear? Or is it something else entirely – something depicted in this issue of the Green Lantern Corps, Written by Scott Kolins; Drawn by Joe Prado, Scott Kolins, Freddie Williams Jr, and Daniel Hdr; and Published by DC Comics in October 2011.

In the aftermath of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’, the Green Lantern Corps is in a very strange state of affairs. Illustratively, each of these defenders from the stars express there dilemma in many different ways, such as:

Boodikka’s Tale: Recently reactivated Alpha Lantern, Boodikka, is mighty pissed off. She is pissed off with her treatment by the vagrant, Cyborg, and she is pissed off that her physiognomy has been placed with machinery. What is she going to do about it, huh? That is the question.

Putting people in there place: Green Lantern honour guard, Salaak, is annoyed because the corpsmen Voz and G’hu, have left there command post to visit their fallen friend, Ry’jll. So what does Salaak do? Correct – he goes to them of course – and gives them a good talking too. 

Nobody likes an Earthman: Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, is being shunned by his fellow corpsmen due to his ‘Earthy-less’, blaming his race for recent galactic events  So what does Kyle do about it?  Fight back? Well, he tries to, until corpsman, Tomar, manages to stall matters for a little while.

But wait, before any of the Green Lantern Corps can continue their individual dilemma’s, the Guardian’s inform them that that dead planet Ondala needs their help. So what do they do? Help of course.

Goodbye my baby, goodbye my honey, goodbye my ragtime pal... err? Wait a goddamn minute! Not ‘bye-bye’ per-say – but rather ‘see you soon in the re-boot’. And why are DC rebooting this title you may ask, especially when they have stated in the media that it will remain relatively the same afterwards? F*ck knows! But I am sure that they know what they are doing – I hope.

Well, we have to hope, don’t we – what other choice do we have? None. Still, after reading an issue like this one, it does go to show that DC can do something right when they want to. For a start, it is a fractured tale, spilt up into chapters, divided by artists, and then unified by a common theme. Granted, for me personally, some of these ‘segments’ did not really hit my spot were a story is concerned – as they were too short in narrative. However, as an underpinning to whatever is going to happen next to this series – it is quite an interesting concept. I especially liked the ‘Kyle part’ of this issue – as this type of racial subject matter is something that I would like to see explored in more depth in the future.

And boy-oh-boy, what a future this title has! Green Lanterns have been thrust into the media spotlight due to the recent... sigh... movie, and on top of that, a cartoon is in the works, plus, a shed load of associated titles too. SO F*CK KERMIT – HE WAS WRONG – IT IS EASY BEING GREEN!!!! As they seem to be the only people in this ‘reboot’, benefiting from this new lease of life.

For the rest of us however, all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride – as it has been a very nice one so far, right?

Bless the Green Lantern Corps – Bless the future – and Bless Hdr for telling me that he is not a woman. Viva la revolution!!!!!


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 29, 2011 Rating: 5
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