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HULK #39

Now if you could be so kind, I would like you to touch your nose with your big toe, OK? HUH? What do you mean you can’t do that? Sure you can! I saw it once on the internet. Granted, it was on a pornographic web site – but then again it just goes to show that this type of thing can be done. Wait one minute – no – it was not on a web site. It was in this issue of the Hulk, Written by Jeff Parker; Drawn by Gabriel Hardman; and Published by Marvel Comics in September 2011.

Fifty years ago, Thunderbolt (Rulk) Ross witnessed the death of his father due to a tragic airplane crash. However, today, he and his computerised aide, Amy, walk around his run down family farm – where Rulk reminisces about times past, as well as pontificates about his probable future. Aviation – his wife – his enemies – his daughter – and his suspicions, all of these subject matters pass through Rulks lips, until somebody attacks him.

Now who might that be? As is it the computerised mastermind, Zero / One, who has been monitoring Rulks conversation from a safe distance? No – its not her. So what about General Fortean or MODOK then, just two of the Rulks many adversaries that he has been talking about recently? Nope – it is not them either. Instead, it is the stone cold entity – Omegex – a being that Uatu, the watcher, has steered towards the Rulks direction, with the hope that he is able to beat him down big time. And does Rulk ‘beat him down big time’? Err... not sure yet... as amidst there bold battle, Black Fog appears and stabs Omegex with his flaming sword.

To be continued.

Now I have to say that I really liked this issue of the ‘Hulk’. Granted, the Hulk was not in it – something that I am starting to get used to that by now – but still, it was able to give us something else – both back-story and action, distinctly divided into two separate half’s.

Personally speaking, I did prefer the first half of this issue – the back-story part – as it gave Ross some personality that I have not seen before. Fair enough, some sceptics out in cyberland might say that this is just a ruse to get people to like the Rulk more. Moreover, even though I do kind of agree with this statement, at the same time it does highlight that Ross is a multi-faceted character – just as we all are. Well – come on – lets face facts – are we, as human beings, just single note facsimiles comprised of one dimensional attributes? No – of course not – and neither should the Rulk – or what would the point be of chronicling this rather pent up series, without some sort of associative milieu.

Or am I just talking sh*t?

Anyway, what is going to happen next in this series has been touched upon in the second half this issue already – correct – fight time is a coming! Now I have to admit that this type of wham bam thank you mam premise isn’t really my particular cup of tea. Nevertheless, I am intrigued how all of this is going to resolve itself.  Will Rulk die? Will he live on but in a less Hulked-Out way? Or will he stay the same? Hmmm? Perplexing, huh? Especially taking into consideration that the future of the man that this particular title is named after – i.e. the Hulk – is getting ready for a rebuffing. Well, lets hope that Parker and Harman can both weather the storm – as together they have grown on me as creators.

When they do good, they really do good – as seen in this issue.

Nice tonally divided issue – with an intriguing future.


HULK #39 HULK #39 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 28, 2011 Rating: 5
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