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So what the f*ck is this all about then? Hmm – simple my friend – this prose piece is about wills, and how this simple judicial document can piss people off, or cheer people up, whatever the outcome. For a start, do you know what a will is? No - not ‘wheel’ - that is the square thing you will find at the bottom of a car! What I am referring to is a legal document that people draw up once they snuff it, denoting whom will be left what from there worldly possessions. Just like...

Wills and Trusts Kit For Dummies

Do you understand what I mean now? Very good dear reader – aren't you a cleaver one. Anyway, so where does the comic book part come into it? Well...

America vs. The Justice Society, was a four-issue limited series starring the Justice Society of America, which was first published by DC Comics between January and April 1985. The series was written by Roy and Dann Thomas, and featured artwork from Rafael Kayanan, Rich Buckler, and Jerry Ordway, among others. The basic gist of the story, was relating to the death of Batman (the Earth 2 Batman by the way), and how he accused the JSA of heinous crimes from beyond the grave  – with his will. HA!

See where I am going with this now, huh? This was a brilliant story – one of the best I have ever read in my life – and gave Roy and Dann the opportunity to elaborate on the JSA’s full chronology, as well as tell a story of how a will pissed off a great team.

The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan, was a graphic novel written by Joe Kelly, drawn by Brent Anderson, and was first published by DC Comics in 2002. Basically, the main crux of the story, elaborated on the life and legacy of the recently deceased Green Lantern, Hal Jordon (who was dead at this time), as well as queering his validity as a person and as a hero. This tale was emotional, surprising, and somewhat moving in places as well – especially for my pocket, as it was rather expensive when I bought it.

Jack Kirby, was a legendary comic book creator, who was born in August 1917, and died in February 1994. His legacy lives on through his work till this very day, in which many of his characters are still around. Such as Thor, Hulk, and the Fantastic Four, to name but a few.

Now when Jack snuffed it, he left all of the characters that he owned (mainly through the Topps Comic Book Imprint), to his family. And in 2006, his daughter, Lisa, decided to go into the family business, and write a comic book in her fathers honor - Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters.

Mark E. Gruenwald, wasn't only a comic book God, but he was also a practical joker too. In fact, he joked about so much, that he died of a heart attack in August 12, 1996. However, the fun didn't stop there for Mark, as part of his will, was that his ashes were to be mixed in with the ink used to print the first trade paperback compilation of Squadron Supreme.

OK, so what have we learnt today? Err? Never die on an empty stomach? No – not that! If anything, is that if you do leave a will, make sure that you leave one which is positive and has a long lasting impression. Don’t leave loved ones squabbling over who had what and for why! Instead, make yourself remembered in a good light, one that would make you more than just a pile of worm food for the masses.

So? What are you waiting for, make a will today! ShoooO!

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