Frank Sinatra once sang ‘There may be trouble ahead. But while there's music, and moonlight, and love and romance – Let's face the music, and dance’. And do you know who has to do a lot of dancing in the near future? Correct – the Teen Titans – as Written by J.T. Krul; Drawn by Eduardo Pansica; and Published by DC Comics in August 2011.  

The pariah of misfortune is looming rather largely over the head’s of the Teen Titans at the moment, just waiting for the right time to pounce upon them with rigorous fervour. But first: (1) Bart (Kid Flash) Allen is troubled by visions he is having of his doppelganger – Inertia – and tries to block this from his mind by running himself ragged, all under Tim (Red-Robin) Drake’s watchful eye. (2) Connor (Superboy) Kent has woman troubles going on – as he is breaking up from Cassie (Wonder Girl) Sandmark – and has a timid affection towards Rose (Ravager) Wilson too. And (3) Raven on the other hand, she has negatives vibe for the new team member, Solstice.

Oh! Wait! I almost forgot about Beast (Gar Logan) Boy – as he seems to be A1 for the time being, having dinner with a gal-pal – well – that is until the pariah of misfortune strikes, BOOM! What Pariah of doom? Why the previous killers of the Teen Titans of course: Superboy-Prime – Inertia – Headcase – Indigo – Zookeeper – Persuader – and Sun Girl. Opps! Almost forgot again – silly me – also a trio of Superboy clones to boot, primed, all three of them, and ready to kick ass.

To be continued, huh?

Now I have to admit, that I am a big sucker for this type of story. Conceptually, what the whole things is about, is one large and incremental build up towards whatever is coming up in the next chapter in this book. OK, so aren’t they all – however – this ‘type of issue’ is not so embarrassed to admit it – and that is where the charm lays. It is a focused story you see – but this time the difference is that a communal history is involved, not the plot.

Well, as nigh on all Teen Titans fans know, the roster of this book has chopped and changed too many times in recent years. Heroes died – heroes changed costumes – and heroes just buggered off to who know where. And, theoretically, this makes for an inconsistent and muddled read, right? Therefore, that is one of the key reasons why this ‘Prime Numbers’ storyline is so intriguing. Superboy-Prime has killed Superboy – Inertia has killed Kid-Flash – Indigo killed Donna and Lilith – so what the f*ck are they going to do, banned together with a gaggle of over miscreants? A sowing circle? Hmm? That would be an original idea – just like the unsheltered territory that this book is now going to take.

Granted, I am not overly exited that this creative team – Krul and Pansica – are involved in this project. Still, from what they have managed to produce in this issue, I am genuinely interested to see what is going to happen next. Saying that though, am I really? Well – lets face it – the DCnu is coming in a couple of month’s time, so this storyline must be an arrivederci bye-bye to this current incarnation of the team. Thoughts? Hmm? Trying not too really – what will be will be – I just hope that this team will go out with a bang, and a redemption to make up for previous mediocre story’s.