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A wise man once said ‘You always reap what you sew’. And funnily enough, in a round about way, this pithy parable pontificates what this issue of Wolverine is all about. Here, when you can tear yourself away from cleaning your claws, read this tale Written by Jason Aaron; Drawn by Renato Guedes; and Published by Marvel Comics in September 2011.

The moment of reckoning is upon Wolverine, as he is knocking on the door of the Red Right Hand, and preparing himself for his revenge. But does he get this revenge? Nope – afraid not – as they have all partaken in a suicide pact and expired before he even steps through the door.

However, one member of the Red Right Hand – a young kid – decides to delay his death until he can see Wolverine’s face. Firstly, the kid reminisces about how his Mother – a shield agent – was killed by Wolverine while he was possessed by external forces. Next, he remembers when he was adopted by the leader of the Red Right Hand – and how he nurtured his hatred until... until...

... the kid dies.

Once Wolverine sees this ghastly sight, a video recording is projected on the screen in front of him, to explain to him why the Red Right Hand sent him to hell, forced him to fight, and then to pay the ultimate price.

Worst of all though, there is nothing he can do about it.

Now all this concluding part of ‘Wolverines Revenge’ had to do, is provide for us – the reader – a reasonable explanation as to why Ol’Logan has had to fight his way through the preceding four issue of story arc, and why we have also been presented with numerous tragic tales of times past as well.  So, is it able to do that or not? Hmm? Personally speaking – I think it does – as it does something that I have not seen in a comic book since something like Watchman. And what is that? Surprise you with a revelation that has been staring you in the face all along.

Honestly, I did not expect this bombshell at all. I though to myself, at best, that this ending would be a competent affair, with maybe an additional story-stand left over so Wolverine could continue this tale after. OK, and so maybe a part of my presumption could be true with Dakens inclusion. But by in large this tale – for me – delivered something that I really liked to see – a resolution that is significant, confident, and pertinent to the story as a whole.

Well, you have to remember that Wolverine – as a character – has had a very chequered history. In the past, he has been a mercenary, a ‘bad guy’, an adventurer, and been possessed quite a few times too. Therefore, it is kind of refreshing to see him get a good spanking now and then, just to illustrate to him – and others – that he is not just a single facetted ‘good guy’ with bad tendencies.

God bless you writer, Jason Aaron, and artist, Renato Guedes, for you have delivered an overall story arc that has been a very compelling and dynamic to read. Fair enough, in places it has been a bit monotonous in structure – especially the ‘repetitive revenge reminiscences’ – but in its entirety, I have to say that you did not fail to deliver on the ending. I wonder what you have planned for Wolverine next, huh? Please no more renumbering.

Great ending – and nice overall tale


WOLVERINE #14 WOLVERINE #14 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 31, 2011 Rating: 5
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