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Question: What do the following four words have in common: (1) POW! (2) BAM! (3) KAPOW! And (4) SPLAT! Is it: (A) They all end in punctuation. (B) Each word is comprised of letters. (C) None of these words were ever utilized by Shakespeare. Or (D) Monkey porn. OK, so what is it going to be folks? Pick an answer and then let it rip.

On Violence (Harvest Book)

Now before I tell you about my mate Baddie, and his website, www.comicbookviolence.com, let me first tell you a tale of times past. In 1954, German git / psychiatrist – Fredric Wertham – managed to publish his comic book hating novel, ‘Seduction of the Innocent’. In essence, this literate piece of sh*t, warned the American public how comic books were a negative form of popular literature, and how it could cause juvenile delinquency amongst any of the little buggers whom read them. And to make matters even worse, the plonkers in the U.S. Congress took note of this cr*p, which lead into the establishment of the Comics Code Authority so that publishers could self-censor their own titles. Here, have a look at this YouCack...

OK, so now that the history is out of the way with, what is www.comicbookviolence.com all about then? Well – simply put – I like to think of it as the anti ‘Seduction of the Innocent’, just like how my mate Baddie is the anti Fredric Wertham. Baddie just celebrates violence within the comic book pages, and – basically – that is what his site is all about too, POW! BANG! SLAM!  Baddie created this site in August 2010, he updates it whenever he sees something worth sharing. And on top of that, he also has ties to social networking sites, such as Twitter: twitter.com/baddie and Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/baddieverse. Here is a quote from the big bad Baddie himself, on why he created this site to begin with...

“I noticed that there were a lot of blogs around about hot chicks in comics, comic book reviews, art appreciation, and of course, comic book characters. But none of these sites focused on violence. So as I love comic book violence, I decided that it needed its own space on the Internet. It is about appreciating all the uppercuts, the flying kicks, the people being thrown out of windows, and the explosions in comic books. It's a work of art and more people should realize that!”.

Oh! Before I bugger off and stick my cat in the microwave, Baddie told me to tell you that he also runs another site called www.bigbaddie.com – a blog about dickery, pop culture, the internet, love, explosions, the kitchen sink, and your mom.

That’s right, YOUR MUM! Want to make something of it?

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