Lady Justice If you are one of those people who always seem to find themselves in trouble, time and again – STOP IT ALREADY, HUH? IT’S BLOODY ANNOYING!!! Or alternately, check out this nifty law firm whom specialise in social media related law, as they can really change your perspective -- and possible future -- in all things cyper-legal... 

Internet Laws: How to Protect Your Business

Now I'm sure you're wondering to yourself what the social media legal counsel is all about? Yes! My, you are a good reader aren't you? You are so good, I want to give you a kiss before I give you a baby, wink-wink! However, the way in which I am going to explain this to you, dear reader, is by spinning you a filmic reference first, OK?


Many years ago, when movies were black and white and told a story, there was a quaint film adaptation called ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. It was a great film it was, and told a poignant story about how a black man was unjustly put in prison for molesting a white girl. Here, have a quick look at this pertinent films clip...

Pretty nice clip, eh? And I tell you what else is too... the rest of the film. And in many ways this story reminded me of the social media legal counsel, as they help out the lawful and shame the unjust. In today’s media driven world it is very hard to understand what is the right and wrong thing to do in cyberspace. Yet thankfully, they can help. 

Go and visit there website, www.socialmedialegalcounsel.com, and see what they have on offer. They present many categorized sections for you to read through, such as the services they provide (preventative, corporate, and social), the issues they handle (cyberbullying, privacy, and defamation), a media porthole (relating to marketing and the press), the usual contact and business blurb (well, they are only human), as well as a blog, too (yippee!). The presentation of this site is also grand and lavish (just like this law firm) and is tinged with the panache of yesteryear as well. Heck, even the lawyers are pretty and smart! If fact, they are like a God... which reminds me...

So what are you waiting for? To be locked-up, huh? Give them a click-click-click, to find out what is what legally in the world wide web.

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