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Have you ever worked with your Dad before? I have –and I have to say that it was a rather... err... peppered affair. He wanted to do things his way – I wanted to do things my way – and it ended up that all we did was get in each others way. And funnily enough, this is illustrated in this issue of Batman and Robin, Written by: Peter Tomasi; Drawn by Patrick Gleason; and Published by DC Comics in September 2011.

While a Bat-operative is being captured by an unknown fiend in Moscow, in Gotham City, Bruce (Batman) Wayne and Damien (Robin) Wayne are having a very strange discussion. You see, on the one hand Bruce wants to explain to Damien about the ‘Wayne heritage’ – by taking him to ‘Crime Alley’ and showing him where his parents died. Whilst on the other hand, Bruce also wants to direct his discussion with his son, towards a more congenial future.

However, Damien does not give a toss about any of this, and is just happy when Alfred informs them about a robbery-taking place in a nuclear reactor – halting their tête-à-tête. For them on in it is Dynamic Duo heaven – as action is relayed – quips are made – and this new beginning is foreshadowed by an explosion and a message from Russia ‘Its time to pay Bruce Wayne a visit’.

To be continued, huh?

Now I really do like this issue Batman and Robin, as it has done something that no other Batman title has done before it – changed the dynamic of the Dynamic Duo to a father and son team. OK, I know that in the past, Dick, Tim, and Jason, have all acted as ‘surrogate children’ to the brooding Bruce Wayne. But now, it looks like Damien is the brooding one, and Bruce is the reflective one.  

Personally speaking, my favourite part of this issue was the ‘talking heads segment’; it had a really nice tone to it – as if a ‘stern farther’ and a ‘pain the arse son’ were actually conversing. Moreover, I also liked the way that this part of the issue just floated from one scene to the next to the next – as if it was a soap opera of some kind. Also, I have to say that the ‘new’ design scheme by Patrick was up to par too, as it paid respect to numerous aspects of Batman’s past (like the Bat-pole or he Bat-Hover) whilst giving it a new spin in the process.

Granted, the other ‘adventurous’ section of this comic was somewhat ‘paint it by numbers’ in the scheme of things. Still, that is not to say that what this book is trying to do has not been conveyed – something new. Bravo writer, Peter Tomasi, and artist, Patrick Gleeson, because what you have captured previously on this title, you have done so again. I just hope that you can sustain this momentum for as long as you can, and make this new father and son team something memorable, and not just a flavour of the month.

Now what do you guys and girls think of this Batman and Robin team, huh? Do you prefer Dick and Damien? Or even Bruce and Tim? Answers on a post-card please, or alternatively spam me bellow and all will be forgiven.


(P.S. No porno sites please, as they reminds me of an ex I once knew, ha!). 


BATMAN & ROBIN #1 BATMAN & ROBIN #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 21, 2011 Rating: 5
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