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Now people need inspiration to do what ever they are going to do, right? So it only seems natural that world renowned celebrities need a form of world renowned inspirations, correct? Therefore, what better way for them to be able to accomplish this super task, than by going to a super form of inspiration – comic books’. Like who for example? Well, read on...

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  • Both Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are big superhero fans – and collectively they boasts that they own the world biggest Marvel and DC collection ever! Please note, Catherine reads Batman and Michael likes Marvel.
  • Brittany Spears is a Superman fan – which is why she has broad shoulders, a big chest, and performs to the public in a skin-tight costume.
  • It is commonly known that grungy film Director, Kevin Smith, sold his comic book collection so that he could make his first movie, ‘Clerks’ – which is why he is a Geek-God. Also, he named his daughter ‘Harley’, after the comic book character ‘Harley Quinn’.
  • Desperate Housewives actress, Eva Longoria, has been spotted leaving the Marvel offices with a stack of comic books – with the hope that she either loves comic books, or will star in a comic book movie.
  • Maverick radio talk show host, Howard Stern, reads Daredevil - which is probably why he is one too.  
  • Bob Hope read Archie Comics - which is why he was a star. 
  • It is alleged that Michael Jackson had one of the biggest comic book collections in the world – which is why he maintained his youthful looks. Maybe?
  • Famed film Director, Steven Spielberg, is a big fan of the Barry Allen Flash – which is why he referenced it in his film ‘Catch Me If You Can’.
  • Jennifer Lopez reads Marvel Comics – which is why she dumped Ben Affleck after he made that Daredevil Movie.

  • Urban Geek Icon, Bruce Campbell, has developed a comic book of his own, as well as spearhead the Ash comic book series. 
  • Nicholas Cage is a fan of Silver Age and uplifting comic book publications – such as Superman – which is why he made the dark and foreboding ‘Ghost Rider’ movie.
  • Playboy impresarios, Hugh Hefner, helped in the development of the sixties Batman television series – which is why it was... errr... the way it was.
  • Kristin Bell is said to be a fan of Ed Brubaker – who is an award-winning cartoonist that has written Captain America and Daredevil.
  • Exocentric film Director, Quentin Tarantino, is a lover of hard-bold pulp tales from the 50’s, as well as the works of Frank Miller and his ilk – which is why he helped out in the film ‘Sin-City’.
  • Masi Oka, who plays the time-traveling ‘Hiro’ in Heroes, has worked as a computer programmer and as a special effects expert in George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic – so it was only natural for him to be a comic book nerd too.
  • Mister Cool his big bad self, Samuel L Jackson, has been an avid reader of comic books for many years – which is why he produced his own comic book called ‘Afro Samuai’ with BOOM Studios. 
  • Jerry Seinfeld is known to be a big Superman fans – which is why he had Superman memorabilia on the set of ‘Seinfeld’, and did a television commercial with an animated Man of Steel too.
  • Actress and all round American beauty, Rosario Dawson, has raised the profile of geeky female celebrities everywhere, by comic ‘out of the closet’ with her love of comic books – which is why I want to give her a baby.

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