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It is very sad to say, but sometimes for someone to start afresh; they have to ditch the past and leave it way-way behind them. This was they can become someone new, someone special, and someone green. Yep – green – as depicted in this issue of Green  Lantern, Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Doug Mahnke and Published by DC Comics in September 2011.

One time galactic renegade, Sinestro, has been appointed by the Guardians of the Universe to be a new member of the Green Lantern Corps. Granted, the Guardian, Ganthet, isn’t too happy about this development – and that is why his fellow Guardians zap him, POW! In addition to this, Sinestro’s former ally in the Sinetro Corps is not too happy about this either – thus forcing Sinestro to kill him in battle, CRACK!

However, what about the Green Lantern that he is replacing, Hal Jordon? What does he think about this strange turn of events? Err? Well, to be honest about it, at the moment he has problems of his own. He owes his landlord back-rent – he mistakenly beats up an actor and is sent to prison – and to make matters even worse, he upsets Carol Ferris when she bails him out of prison, and then offers him a new job at Ferris Air (notably, a non aeronautical one).

Oh! Wait one minute! Maybe Sinestro can help Hal? And that is why he suddenly knocks at Hals door, and says ‘If you want your ring back, you do as I say’.

Or maybe not.

Out of all the DCnU titles’ I have read so far, I have to say that Green Lantern has not really changed that much – I think. Well, on the one hand, this issue feels more like a continuation rather than a reboot – whereas, on the other hand, within the scheme of things, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Conceptually, what the previous / present creative team of Johns (Writer) and Mahnke (Artist) has managed to do, is to take the aftermath of ‘The War of the Green Lanterns’, and have used it as a springboard to give Hal a new lease of life.

OK, so how are they able to do that, huh? Firstly, they have stripped Hal of his power ring, so that they can concentrate on Hal as a man rather than Hal as the hero. Secondly, they have given the Guardians an almost malevolent tone, so that we – the readers – are not one hundred percent sure of there actions. Thirdly, they have added the rogue element – Sinestro – giving this book a more special and surprising quality to it. And fourthly, THIS ISSUE IS BLOODY GREAT!

From start to finish ‘Green Lantern’ is a really good read – it is funny in places – it has a vibrant nature – its clear to follow – and it is realty pithy too. Now if this comic book did have a bad thing about it, it would have to be that it is a quick read. But apart from that, this new start is a very good new start for this new Green Lantern series.

However, I do have one question about this issue? How does this fit into the new Justice League series? Hmm? If you think you know, drop a message below.

Great issue – nice art – fresh take.


GREEN LANTERN #1 GREEN LANTERN #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 19, 2011 Rating: 5
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