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You put your hand into your coat pocket and then slide out your favorite packet of nicotine niceties. However, before you prize open the lid and pluck out one of your favorite smoke-filled stick, you think to yourself ‘What am I doing?’. Granted, this thought is merely a fleeting one. Nonetheless, well worth some sort of elaboration don’t you think.

E-lites - Electronic Cigarettes

Do you know who has benefited the most out of the smoking ban?

No -- not the general public -- because there is still a lot of Co2 omissions in the environment due to automotive excess.

Nope -- not even the Hospitals either -- because people are still killing themselves by the truckload due to the depressive and harsh monetary climate.

Huh? What’s that? The ozone layer? That has nothing to do with people polluting there lungs at all! OK, so do you give up then? Huh! Very good, dear reader. The people whom are benefiting the most out of the smoking ban, are sign writers.

Hey! Don’t laugh. It’s true. Just think about it for a moment for a moment or to will you. If there weren't all them signs all over the place, to say ‘NO SMOKING’, what else would they have to do? Huh? ‘No Left Turns’? ‘Give Way’? ‘RIP’? Do you see what I am getting at now? Therefore, what can we -- the people of smoking-land -- do to stop the tyranny of sign-makers all cross the Earth? Hmm?

Too silly, right? OK then, so what about fighting smoke with smoke? And take the x out of exhale? You see, what I mean by this, is that due to revisions in the smoking policy, did you know that you can now smoke an e-cigarette in most public places. True. check out your local governmental websites first if it will make you feel better, and then come back here watch this video...

Looks good, right? So what are you waiting for? Smokers of the world unite and beat down those sign writing scum!!! No more will people in this profession follow the word ‘No’ with the word ‘Smoking’, unless it is in the sentence ‘No Smoking Your Knickers In Public Except For Bank-Holidays and Days of Civil Unrest’.

Now before you go an click on an appropriate banner on this page, did you know what man first enforced the smoking ban law? Hitler – Adolph Hitler – he enforced this law in Nazi Germany in the 1940’s, trying to control the populous to what he saw fit. Thank God that a select few women decided to rebel against this curbed policy, and they did it by stripping naked and then walking through the streets of Frankfurt, puffing and striding as they went.

OK, they did get shot -- be we won’t with E-lites - Electronic Cigarettes.

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