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What the f*ck is Vext? Well, I suppose the more straight forward answer to this question would be that Vext was a DC comic book character created in 1999 by Keith Giffen and Mike McKone, which was an ongoing series that ran for a mere six issues. However, the more elaborate explanation would be that Vext is a God that was cast-out of the Jejune Realm (also known as the Borough of Mawkish Indifference) because of a ‘low worship’ rate.

Vext (1999) #3

What is Vext a God of?   He is the "patron deity of mishap and misfortune", and let us just say that he lives up to this title – literally. By accident, he sank the Titanic, he instigated the fall of man in the Garden of Eden – etcetera-etcetera-etcetera. And then, after being cast out of Jejune, Vext rented out an apartment in Delta City, and with the help from his neighbor, Colleen McBride, he tried his best to adjust to Earth living.

Does this happen?   Hmm? No - not really. But he does get to meet Superman and Zaurel, take a driving test, befriend the God of flatulence, and defend himself from a God-hunter and his two sexy assistants.

Why do you think that Vext was debunked?   Vext was a very funny comic book series that not only satirized the concept of divinity, but also took the p*ss out of the mundane everyday existence of man. In many ways, Vext did not feel like a conventional comic book series, and really had an earthiness and bold exuberance about it, which was just fun-fun-fun. Moreover, although it was published by DC – it did not feel like a DC comic book (or Marvel for that matter either). To me, Vext reminded me of Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, the Office, an a little bit of Faulty Towers as well. It concentrated more on the humor of things rather than the marketability of a story, and it was not ashamed to admit it either.

Honestly, I just cannot fathom as to understand why it was cancelled at all – it was a great book, with great characters. a great story-line, and great art.

Maybe it was something to do with the fact that he was a God that put people off? Or it could also have been that Vext was a niche taste in a branded world? God know? Though, on second thoughts, God probably won’t. He would demand that DC bring back Vext, or else he will smite them with his holy wig of Burt Reynolds, SHAZAM!

Shame really... as the world would be a better a place with a little more Vext.

What would I do differently?   Nothing, except go to the offices of DC Comics, and then tie up the men in charge until they reinstate Vext.

Any Vext in the future?   After scourging around the internet for a couple of seconds (Google), as well as banging my head against the floor, THUNK-CLICK! I have come to the conclusion that Vext could come back. Straight up, I am serious about this, HONK-HONK! He has a fan following on the net, and his chief writer – Keith (the medicated) Giffen – works quite regularly with DC. So I can see a re-emergence on the horizon.

OK-OK-OK, not an ongoing series or anything, but something that would make our favourite unlucky God jump into existence once more.

IN RETROSPECT – VEXT IN RETROSPECT – VEXT Reviewed by David Andrews on September 09, 2011 Rating: 5
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