Juno Cover Now I have heard some women say that to give birth is the best experience that they have ever had. Where as, some other women would tell you that it is like having a bowling ball squeezed out of they're neither regions. Personally speaking, I would say that it is like spending some time with Director: Jason Reitman; and Actors: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman. But only for 95 minutes in 2007.


Autumn is a somewhat surprising time of the year for surly sixteen year-old, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page), because she discovers that she is now pregnant.

So what does she do about it? Ask the expectant Farther to be, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), what she should do? No – because he does not have a clue. OK then, so what about listening to her gut, and having an abortion either? No – that does not pan out either. Instead, Juno gleans some advice from her best friend, Leah (Olivia Thirlby), and finds a promising young couple in the newspaper, Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner), whom she can give her child to.

Granted, Juno’s Farther, Mac (J.K. Simmons), and her step-Mum, Bren (Allison Janney), are both taken back upon hearing Juno’s revelation – and that is why Mac insists on going along with her when they finalize how this ‘exchange’ is going to workout.

Results? Surprisingly good.

Thankfully, wintertime is a very informative time for Juno. As her body starts to develop – her baby’s progression is monitored at the hospital – and she also keeps tabs on Paulie too. In addition to this though, Juno also visits Mark and Vanessa – where she learns that she and Mark share a common bond in music and horror movies – as well as ascertains that Vanessa has a very strong paternal instinct. 

However, when wintertime turns to springtime, a lot of things change for Juno and everyone around her. Firstly, Juno is distraught when she hears the news that Paulie is taking someone else to the prom – causing them both to fight. And secondly, she is overwhelmed when she is told that Mark and Vanessa are having marital problems – causing Juno to seek sanctuary in her parental home.

So what can Juno do about any of this before Spring turns into Summer? Hmmm? Not much really – but Mother Nature can. As what then transpires is emotional, poignant, and somewhat lyrical – as baby’s are born – Mother’s are joyous – and love is just floating in the air.

Making the seasons feel complete.  

'Juno' – you bitch! How dare you do that to me, make me feel all fluffy and warm inside, as if I have just had a candyfloss injection peppered with strawberry’s and cream. At first, I though that you was going to be a film full of goth looking people moaning about how life has no meaning, and that I should just get an axe and give my neck a good old fashioned, CHOP! But no, you had to spin me a really nice and captivating morality tale THAT... I... JUST... LOVED!!!


The Kids of Juno

OK, so my aforementioned ramble may appear to be a strange way of perceiving this movie masterpiece, but in essence, that is exactly what this film does – give you a strange perception. You see, I find that it does three things: (1) Presents the pretext of a sixteen year old Emo chick whom is pregnant – which is different. (2) Takes you on a pithy merry-go-ride full of difficulties, and structured in a way that I like – clear and concise. And (3) At the same time, does something that you don’t see a lot in cinema nowadays – have a poignant and positive message.

Fair enough, whilst saying all of this, I know that there are a few critiques out there whom have said that this film had a somewhat biased point of view where the ‘pro-life’ stance is concerned. However, this is not that type of a film, oh no, this is a film about character and based on an uxbridged adaptation of a book written by Diablo Cody called ‘Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper’.

So – na-na-nahhh-na-nah!

Ellen in Juno

Thankfully, to tell this tale, there is a cast which is just utterly sublime.  Ellen channels a surly and jovial Emo chick as if she was made for the part – Michael is just Michael through and through, awkward and congenial – Jennifer and Jason visually and spiritually inhabit there roles – and J.K. and Allison are just brilliant as the parents, very captivating indeed.

Heck, I even liked Juno’s friend – played by Olivia – even though at times she did seem like a device for exposition.

The Cast of Juno

Also, let us not forget about the story too. OK, I know that this type of tale is a modernistic take on what is commonly conceived as a ‘maudlin affair’. Nevertheless, that is not to say that to capture a story of this nature in a more jovial tone, makes it any less relevant. Heck, if anything, it has managed to elevate what could have been just another run of the mill sob story, into a new way of looking at things – a more positive way. Moreover, the way that is does this – by dividing each arc into ‘seasonal chapters’ – is just great, giving a new dynamic tone to this already captivating movie.

Overall, ‘Juno’ is a film for all the family – and to me feels like a crazy amalgamation of films like ‘Superbad’, ‘Who Will Love My Children’, and ‘The Darjeeling Limited’.

So if you want to see a sad tale that has a positive message – this one is defiantly for you.


JUNO JUNO Reviewed by David Andrews on September 15, 2011 Rating: 5
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