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Retro-continuity is always a difficult thing for a creative team to implement into a pre-existing comic book series. Well, if you come to thing about it, they have to take current continuity, spin it in a new direction, and then produce something that will make new and old fans alike very happy. Take this new Justice League series for example, one Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Jim Lee; and Published by DC Comics in September 2011. 

Five years ago, Batman and Green Lantern meet for the very first time amidst a new adventure located in Gotham City. During this encounter they both learn about each other – squabble with each other – fight against an otherworldly alien – as well as witness this fiend blow himself up before he then mentions the name ‘Darkseid’ and leaves behind a ‘glowing box’ of seeming importance.

So what does Batman and Green Lantern do next, huh? Football player, Victor Stone, does not know, because he is concerned about his father’s absence after winning a football match. However, a certain resident of Metropolice might know – one garbed in red and blue and punches Green Lantern threw a window as soon as he sees him.

Next – Superman verses Batman.

Now what all DC fans have been waiting for is finally here – the DCnU – all wrapped up and repackaged within a new number one. However, does this number one smell like a number one? Or alternatively feel like a number two? If you catch my drift. Well, personally speaking, you have to approach a conclusion of this magnitude by assessing what has been presented so far.

Logically, there are four factors to consider whilst reading this new issue of Justice League.
  • Factor One – The Art: Jim Lee’s art is great. As always, Jim has managed to depict ‘new versions’ of ‘old characters’ by illustrating a fresh take on a tried and tested formula. Granted, Green Lantern does look a bit too ridged, and Superman’s pyjamas look kind of funny too. But as for the rest of it – perfecto in my book.
  • Factor Two – The Context: This issue redeems itself from current continuity because of three little words printed at the beginning of this story – Five years ago. For me, this signifies that this take is an overall relative beginning, and with it, an adventure that could have possible conceptual ties to pre-DCnU events. Still, even by saying all of this, five years does not seem to be a long enough margin of time for the beginning of these heroes origins to be established – which I am sure time will tell.   
  • Factor Three – The Nag: Insinuated within his small segment in this book, it appears that this is a fresh new start for Victor Stone. Now I am afraid to say that this does not sit very well for me, as Vic is an established Teen Titan from back in the day – and he need some time to shine with them first before graduating to the big leagues. Fair enough, I may be a bit presumptuous with this remark, as it could be possible that this story will incorporate the ‘Teen Titans’ element later on.
  • Factor Four – The Story: All in all this issue does present a story, and does have quite a few pithy moments that I personally enjoyed. Overall this tale appears to be an incremental arc to a larger tale, one obviously involving the development of the new Justice League and the reintroduction of Darkseid and the New Gods.

OK, so taking all of what I have said into consideration, does this look like a good beginning for the DCnU? Hmmm? Yeah – I suppose on some level it does. It has titivated the readers just enough to make them want to find out how this tale continues, whilst at the same time presenting something fresh and with a new dynamic. Please note, this is not a complete thumb’s up. Rather, it is a nod and wink with an additional scratch on the head for the future.

Nice start – fair tale – great art.


JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 08, 2011 Rating: 5
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