Now what does it take for a ‘bad-guy’ to become a ‘good-guy’? Does it take an act of redemption to wipe away past sins? Does it take an act of chivalry to show that they care? Or does it take retro-continuity? As illustrated in this comic book Written by Scott Lobdell; Drawn by Kenneth Rocafort; and Published by DC Comics, in October 2011.  

Due to his mercenary actions whilst trying to overthrow the current harsh regime, Roy Harper is held captive within a prison in Qurac. However, his incarceration does not last for long, oh no – because with some help from Jason (Red Hood) Todd, plus Starfire, together, they manage to set him free with a rather dubious ploy of brash bravado and stellar power.

Which is nice of them, huh?

Three Weeks after this sordid affair, a number of things come to light with this startlingly strange trio. Firstly, Starfire has short-term memory due to her genetic coding, as well as a high-sex drive due to her physique. Secondly, Roy cannot say ‘no’ to a pretty-lady. And thirdly, when Jason speaks to a person that he can only see, called ‘Essence’, he is lead to an old friend of his whom lives in a Castle – a recently dead old friend of his that is. 

To be continued...

First off, let me just say that I was not going to pick up this comic book, ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’, as to me, it seemed kind of contrived in pretext, and to be honest with you, I am not really a big fan of the Red Hood. Still, due to my own curiosity after reading the message boards, I picked up this series to see what the whole ‘Starfire hullabaloo’ was all about. And what did I discover? Two things. (1) That this series has a promise to be something really good, because to the art and because of the story. And (2) Starfire – what that f*ck is that all about?

Granted, this change is Starfires physiognomy is not a new thing during her comic book career. Please note, amidst the Wolfman / Jaaska ‘Titans’ run in the early 1990’s, she did transform into this sort of stoic Amazon warrior for a short while, whom had an alien mind glitch as well. Now – taking this into consideration – this I think is a good way for writer, Scott Lobdell, to get himself out of this jam. Well – lets face it – to turn a popular character like Starfire into some type of mind-glitch tart does not really make her an valiant character to read, huh?

Anyway, apart from that, I found that ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ was a really great read. The art by Kenneth Rocafort is very nice overall – and has a very polished and gruff tone to his line-work. And as for the writer, Scott Lobdell – well – apart for his depiction of Starfire – I kind of dug how he introduced this ‘renegade team’ – as it seems as if the best is yet to come. Also, I enjoyed some of the dialogue between Roy and Jason – because this was the first time in ages, where these two hubris-heroes are becoming more likeable as people.  

Now what do any of you guys and girls think about this new series? Did you think that my viewpoint is valid? Or alternatively, am I gabbing a lot of garbage? Please, while the iron is hot – spam!

Nice issue – great start – smutty Starfire.


RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1 RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS  #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 30, 2011 Rating: 5
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