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Back in the day, Wildstorm was a publishing house that tried to do something different with their titles. Granted, sometimes this did not really catch on in the way that it should have – as their exposure was fleeting at best. But now – amidst the DCnU –this may not be the case. Especially with the help of Writer: Paul Cornell; Artist: Miguel Sepulveda; and Publisher: DC Comics in September 2011.

In Stormwatch HQ that is dawdling within Hyperspace, the Engineer and two of her Stormwatch allies are deterred by unknown events that will transpire soon on Earth. Prudently, though, they have dispatched a hand full of members of their team to help prevent this from happening.

And how are they doing that? Well, currently, Jack Hawksmoore, Martian Manhunter, and the Projectionist, are in Moscow, to enlist the services of the super-powered Apollo – to no avail. Whilst on the moon, Harry Tanner – the Swordsman – is investigation a disturbance at this Luna-lo-cal – resulting in him being accosted and possessed by a sentient eye. And in the Himalayas, Jenny Q and her chaperone obtain a big horn, and transport it back to HQ – which is nice, huh?

However, what isn’t nice, is when the Stormwatch members whom are trying to obtains Apollo’s services, are halted from doing so by – the Midnighter.

To be continued...

Stormwatch, Stormwatch - wherefore art thou Stormwatch? Tis the time for merriment if thy heathen sings your praise, or alas, thy grandiose pontificator states something about a do-dah and a willy-warmer in the scheme of things. HA! Shakespeare was overreacted anyway. However, is Stormwatch as well? Is it just a flash in the pan for this re-buffing? In the past, this title has won praise in the media with the likes of Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, and Alan Moore garnishing its Wildstorm pages. Still, now that it has managed to impregnate itself within the DCnU, will this time come again?  Or like its last bi-polar effort, just piss into the wind? Ohhh! Maybe – maybe not – it is too soon to tell with what has been presented to us – the reader – so far.

In essence, what writer, Paul Cornell, and artist, Miguel Sepulveda, have managed to do, it to titivate us with a story that seems to be rooted in events that are not yet clear to us presently. Moreover, they have tried to integrate Martian Manhunter into this book, whilst at the same time introducing Stormwatch stalwarts (Jack and Co.) plus new characters too (the Projectionist).

Now for me, personally, this comes across as being a bit too much – as this issue feels more like a continuation from something that has come before, rather than a ‘hello, pleased to meet you’. For a start, not all of the characters have been properly introduced. Next, this whole thing with ‘the horn’ and ‘the eye’ feels as if I have missed something. And on top of that, the origin segment of this Stormwatch team was too vague to really understand what they are all about in this new guise.

OK, I know that all of these matters will be dealt with in due course, but as for a first issue – well – it is mumbled as a packaged. Listen now, don’t get me wrong, I do think that this book does have a promise for a good future – especially with Paul Cornell at the helm – but that does not mean that this issue ‘floated my boat’ so to speak.

Please, let us prey for this future of this title:

Our Father, who art in Stormwatch.
Cornell be thy name.
Thy kingdom come mini-series.
Thy Jim Lee will be done.
On earth as it is in Hypertime.
Give us this day our daily comic book.
And forgive us for our cross-over events,
as we forgive those who trespass against us – namely Marvel.

Dan Didio.

Mumbled issue – fine presentation – wishing it all the best.


STORMWATCH #1 STORMWATCH #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 26, 2011 Rating: 5
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