Do you know what these four people have in common? George Burns – Bob Hope – Grandma Moses – and the Queen Mother. No? Well I best tell you then. They all lived until they were 100, just like this last issue of this teen specific comic book series, as Written by J.T. Krul; Drawn by Nicola Scott; and Published by DC Comics in September 2011.

Over and above the sacred grounds known as Titans Tower – situated in the bay of San Francisco – Superboy-Prime and his Legion of Doom are battling it out with ALL of the Teen Titans so that once and for all he can become the sole Superboy of this Earth. However, the Teen Titans do have an objective stance on this particular matter, and accordingly fight back – all with varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Somewhat easily, heroes like Robin and Red-Robin defeat Indigo – Ravager and Speedy pummel Pulse – Miss Martian and Solstice zap Heatwave – and Beastboy and Argent detain Zookeeper.  
  • Though in a more emotion exchange, heroes like Kid Flash manages to out manoeuvre Inertia – and Raven scares the be-je-sus out of Headcase.
  • Unfortunately, though, Superboy-Prime and his Superboy-clones are not going down so easily. Granted, someone like Red-Star does try his best, but it is down to Superboy, Wondergirl, Ravager, and Robin, to figure out a way to vaporise the clones with a hudden Kryptonite dagger - before overpowering prime and his clones and sticking him in a place of no return.

Thankfully – the Teen Titans will return – next month in fact.

KAPOW! BANG! ZOOOM! And, SWISH! Plus many more sound effects that manages to capture the same spirit of zeal – you will find in this gala and final issue of Teen Titans. Granted, these poncy pings are by no means William Shakespeare at all, but then again William Shakespeare did dress in much more flamboyant clothing than some of the heroes in this title, right? In my book, I think Shakespeare is too highly rated anyway - as I would much prefer seeing someone stabbing someone else with a chunk of green shaped candy, and then professing that it is Kryptonite dagger – NOT!

That was humor by the way – just so you know.

Anyway, Teen Titans – last issue – end of an era – and going out with a bang – correct? Yep – most of this is correct – except for the ‘bang’ part, as I like to think that a more appropriate sound-effect would be ‘woop’. You see, for me, ‘woop’ epitomizes what this issue is. It isn’t so bad that you want to rip it up and throw it in the bin, and it isn’t so good that you want strip naked and run down the street singing ‘Teen Titans Forever’. Instead, what ‘woop’ makes you do, is make you feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside as if you have eaten a nice bit of pizza, but ultimately something that you will forget in a months time as something else has come along.

‘woop’ = concise contentment.

Fair enough, I have to admit, that I did not really mind this issue all in all, as some of the fights did look pretty fine cosmetically – thank you artist, Nicola Scott – and the pace and structure of the dialogue was nicely executed too – thank you writer, J.T. Krul. But apart from that, it was a pretty paint it by numbers issue, which has a nice special bonus at the end with the cover gallery – that was very nice indeed. Oh! And while I am on the subject of having something at the end that is very nice...

Nice issue – lets see what is yet to come, huh?