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There once was a blind interpreter called Cao. Who needed some help from a pal. But Daredevil turned up instead – and stopped him from becoming dead – before telling him to ‘not have a cow’. As Written by Mark Waid; Drawn by Marcos Martin; and Published by Marvel Comics in November 2011.

So what’s the story morning glory?
In this episode of ‘Blind Justice’, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) tries his best to aide the blind interpreter, Cao, from the malicious hands of his pursuer’s. 

He saves him from being shot – he takes him back to his apartment for safe-keeping – and then Matt attempts to recreate the scene in which got Cao into this predicament to begin with (overhearing Latverian businessmen at his place of work), so that he can find out more information from him.

This works – thus leading Matt (in Daredevil guise) towards Cao’s old boss – Randall – whom, in turn, reveals to Daredevil the real reason behind Cao’s abysmal attack – Hydra.

However, before this can be elaborated on in too much detail, the super powered ‘Brute’ attacks Daredevil – propelling our blind hero into the sink.

Meanwhile, Foggy Nelson arranges a liaison for Matt – one that he might like.

What is the most memorable sentence spoken in this issue?
I liked the exchange at the beginning of this book, where Mr Zachary is speaking to his ‘henchman’ about Cao’s lawyer. At first, Zachary tells his aide to ‘Send a man’ to dispose of Cao. But then, when he find out that Matt Murdock is the lawyer, he says “Murdock? The one who might be Daredevil? Send Six”.    

Was the story any good?
Now we are talking about Mr Mark Waid here, huh! Mr story himself? Of course it was a good tale, ha!

Personally speaking, Mark cannot seem to do no wrong on this title, as it seems that he knows the character, he knows the audience expectations, and somehow he melds both of these two aspects together, and produces a tale that is really enjoyable to read.

I liked that ‘pursuit’ aspect of this tale the best, as it gave that ‘seventies crime thriller’ vibe that really suits this current tale. Moreover, the character of Cao is starting to become more relatable in this issue too, and I liked the way that he may have a future on this book.  

Was the art any good?
I am a sucker for Marcos Martin’s artwork. He seems to have a style that exhumes a cool stance in Matt’s adventures, thus inadvertently mirroring Matt’s current temperament as well. Also, I like the way in which Javier Rodriguez, the colourist, placid colour pallet, almost lifts up Marco’s art to a new level.

On the flip side of this though, some of the actions scenes in this issue did feel a bit too flat and cartoon-like – especially the last one – and did not have that level of dynamism to kick this book into the hemisphere.    

What is the best thing about this issue?
I liked the scene in which Matt and Cao tried to recreate the correct set of circumstances, so that Cao could remember what he had heard previously. For me, this scene had a very nice kinetic flow about it, which validated the purpose of the scene, plus making it enjoyable too. 

What is the worst thing about this issue?
Matt Murdock’s secret identity – does he seem to care anymore?

Now what I mean by this, is the way how Matt took Cao to his home without no hesitation what so ever, almost insinuating to Cao that he could be Daredevil via his actions. Granted, Matt did not say to Cao that he was Daredevil in so many words – but the gestures are there – think about it?

If you could sum up this issue in a phrase or saying, what would that phrase or saying be?
For me, this issue has a jazz vibe to it – thus prompting me to wax lyrical with ‘Do-wop, bo-wap, po-wow’.

If this issue were a movie, an object, or a piece of music, what would that be and why?
There is a musical reference in this comic book, which mirrors the style and my feelings for this comic book too. It’s when Matt takes Cao to his home, and puts on a Chet Baker record – I like to think that it plays ‘It Could Happen To You’...

... see what I mean?

What do you think would have made this issue better than it was?
Not much can improve this comic book really. It has style – it tells a story – and each week there is something new on show.

Oh! I may have had a sex scene between Foggy and that blond girl –just o we could see Foggy see seen ‘in action’ too, ha!

Final thoughts...
I hope that Waid and Marcus stays on this book for a long-long time – they are a great creative team – both producing a great and intriguing story every week.

Marks out of 10? 9
DAREDEVIL #5 DAREDEVIL #5 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 15, 2011 Rating: 5
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