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Now I am sure that you have heard of he old saying 'A picture can say a thousand words'. Though have you heard of the new saying 'Why don't you concentrate you dumb Mama-Luke, and just read this already!'. It was originated by Robert De Niro in the very strained re-make of the film 'Mary Poppin', where Mister De Niro took on the role of 'Nanny with a Chevy' like a monkey with a sawed-off machine gun.

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OK - enough of my rubbish already - I can just could not help myself - especially after having a quick look a one of my most favorite web-comics - the-dark-cat.livejournal.com. Trust me, it is one of those sites that you can not help but revisit again and again, because... because... errr... because... hmm? How can I put it? It's like Hanna Barbara on speed? Walk Disney on Crack? Max Fleischer with some sort of brain flux? No - No - and maybe?

Wait a minute! I know what I will do! I will show you what I mean - here - have a look at this... (click to enlarge)



So how can I describe that, huh? Well, I suppose I could cheat, and just copy and paste some stuff off of the-dark-cat.livejournal.com, huh? In fact - I think I will...


Oh Bugger? There is nothing to copy and paste, except for a couple of paragraphs here and there on Dark Cats, blog - http://batmanandsons.blogspot.com! Now what can I say? Something like '...each week this Dark Cat chap churns out his Batman cartoon parody called Batman and Sons'? Or then again, what about, 'This web-based comic strip is so good, and mixes comic-books, humor, and cartoons together in such a way, that I want to rip my own eyes out in extacy'?

Too much , huh? Oh! Sod it, here's another picture..

So go on, give the-dark-cat.livejournal.com a click? You won't be disappointed, unlike...

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