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OK, so I am sure that you read the title of this piece above, and then clicked upon it to see what the hell it is that I am going on about, right? Well – in essence – what my title implies – is that the act of smoking does have some sort of magical property about it, which is just off-kilter with the norm. Also, it implies that... gasp... it’s magic too!!!!

The Green, Green, Smoke of Home

For a start, for me to explain to you what I mean by ‘cigarette’s being magic’, I have to tell you about ‘The origins of smoking’ first. Now it is believed that this past time began in America – when farm hands started consuming tobacco leaves to while away their time on the planes. However, the first users were considered to be of a Maya civilization in Central America, and, the people of Aztecs in South America followed suite and crushed tobacco leaves, and wrapped them in corn husks to smoke. Over time, this act became more popular during religious ceremonies, which in turn attributed to the fact that priests and deities were shown smoking through pipes on the local pottery of the region.  Here – have a look at this...

Listen now – this is fact – no bull – there is history on this page – because it is precisely when religiosity started to share its time with smoke, that magic creped into the mix.

The first signs of this started to show in Chicago in the early 1920’s, when a member of the clergy named Father Mc’Tavish, did something strange with his cigar. At first, people just thought to themselves “What’s Mc’Tavish doing with his stogie then?”. Though, upon closer inspection, what they then realised was that Mc’Tavish started to use the concept of smoking, and began turning it into an art form. He would stick his cigar in his ear and then exhale out of his mouth – he would make funny shaped symbols out of the smoke he blew – and he would also seemingly swallow his cigar and then make it appear... err... from his neither regions!

Now is this magic you may ask yourself? Or alternatively, is it an activity that someone can train themselves in doing. Here – judge for yourself...


Personally speaking, I like to thing of this type of thing as a gift from the Gods – because why else would you see historic pictures of Gods smoking in the first place (as pictured above).  So go ahead – when someone next tells you that you should not smoke – you know what your reply should be – “I am doing Gods will”. And to punch this fact home that little bit more, refer them to this article, or get them to do a Google on ‘Gods who smoke’.  Moreover, if this smoke hater starts to tell you about how smoking can damage your health, tell them about the Greensmoke e-cigerette, a new low cost and innovative way of smoking, that is both legal, non intrusive, and clean at the same time.

If you want to know more about Greensmoke yourself, click on the banner bellow. Or you can ask God for his wisdom instead – he made us – us made Greensmoke.

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