Holy Flying Circus Alright – alright – alright – there is nothing to see here except for some stuff and nonsense about Jaunty Dralons Lying Abacus. No – wait one minute – that’s not correct. It’s Monty Pythons Crying Burkus – right? Or then again, maybe it is some other stuff and nonsense that lasts for 90 minutes, made by the BBC, and Stars: Darren Boyd, Charles Edwards, Steve Punt, and a man in a skirt.

Holy Flying Circus

It’s 1979 – around tea time – and the English comedy group known as 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus', has just completed their wide-screen biblical satire ‘The Life of Brian’.

Now isn't that just great news?

No. Unfortunately not. The American religious front hate it when it is shown over there. The English Christian movement frown upon it because they all wear dresses. And worst still, a tramp finds a few pages of the script, and hands it to a bunch of bible bashers of no fixed ability.

Wait a minute! Why is that so bad? Well, to make matters even more dire for the Pythons, after these same bunch of bible-bashers have read their script, they then try their best to ban ‘Brian’ from being shown, by approaching the BFI (Badminton Feminists Institute) when Python go to get a film classification for their... errr... film.

However, whilst nothing really comes out of this ploy, the bible-bashers do manage to instigate a movement, which gives local councils (also known as c*nts) to stop this film from being shown in their local cinemas – thirty-six as a matter of fact.

Meanwhile, whilst all of this is going on, the Pythons do what they do best, and fight back against this ‘film-hunt’, any which way they can – NOT! You see, just they argue amongst themselves for a bit – get sent sh*t in a box – daydream – and make funny noises at each other. That is, until they are propositioned by a talk show producer, Dick Face, to defend ‘Brian’ by taking part in a Christian debate on his television programme, ‘Friday Night, Saturday Morning’ – hosted by Tim Rice (Webbers b*tch).

But alas, none of the Pythons can agree to partake in this mass debate (pun-intended) – particularly Basil Fawlty and Mr Nice... err... I mean John Cleese (Darren Boyd) and Michael Palin (Charles Edwards). Nevertheless, over time, and with some prodding from Michael’s mother, they do agree. They agree that Eric Idle (Steve Punt) is a money grabbing git. They agree that Terry Jones (Rufus Jones) looks like a turnip. They agree that Graham Chapman (Tom Fisher) is a poof. They agree that Terry Gilliam (Phil Nichol) is an American. And they agree to take part in this show too.

Therefore, that is why what next transpires is a rather holy affair indeed. As clergy gleam and tout – Pythons scream and shout – films generally sprout clout – and God (Stephen Fly) knows what I am talking about?

Now I know the true story behind ‘Holy Flying Circus’ before I even watched this film drama. Well, as a big Monty Python fan myself, I have gleaned from numerous documentaries, things such as: (1) How ‘Python’ initially had some problems getting funding from EMI for ‘The Life of Brian’, and how George Harrison of the Beatles, eventually managed to back it. (2) When, unexpectedly, Python idol, Spike Milligan, arrived on the set of ‘Brian’ in Tunisia, which provoked the Pythons to stick him in it. (3) When all of that religious fervor in America surrounded ‘Brian’ kicked off, how Graham, Terry, and Michael, defended it on American television. (4) How Mary Whitehouse and her gang of ‘supporters’ tried to ban the film, the book, and anything else associated with ‘Brian’ in England. And (5) I remember this homage’s as well...

Ha! Did you like the way in which the ‘Nine O’Clock’ players took a Python-esque stance with their spoof? If so, then you are going to love this movie. For a start, it is a focused film with a satirical slant, and is able to tell this Python related story in a way that Python would have told it too. For example, the animated segways – how the same actors play numerous parts in this film (both men and women) – the brash and bold manner in which each of the characters are portrayed – plus, the way that the overall through line flimflams from dream sequence, to back-story, to whatever it feels like really. Moreover, to make matters even better for ‘Holy Flying Circus’, it is just a great film – because it tells a story, whilst pocking fun at itself in the process.

Personally speaking, there was a lot in this film that I really enjoyed. I liked Darren Boyd portrayal of John Cleese as if he was Basil Fawlty, Charles Edwards portrayal of Michael Palin as if he was Mr Nice, as well as the portrayal of the other Pythons too – very bold through and through. In addition to all of this, the ‘diversionary inserts’ and subsidiary cast, all lent a charismatic tone to the overall pretext, plus aided the sentiment to what Python is all about – satire, and the cause of satire in a dress.

The Cast of Holy Flying Circus

However, if I did have one gripe with this film – and only a slight gripe mind you – it would be that I would have liked to have seen some of the ‘real’ instances inserted into this program, to show that some of these events really did happen. Well, I am sure that the ‘Friday Morning, Saturday Night’ interview could have been used in some way, as well as for some of the other recorded protests in America and England also.

Still, this is only a minor grumble overall, because this Python film was a very nice watch for this Python fan. It entertained me, it paid homage to Python, and it made me laugh, just like...

If you are a Python fan – this is a must see film – now go an wear a dress.


HOLY FLYING CIRCUS HOLY FLYING CIRCUS Reviewed by David Andrews on October 24, 2011 Rating: 5
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