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HULK #42

Now what would you do for an old friend? Would you help them out if they were in need? Would you morn for them if they suddenly perished? Or would you, like the Rulk, invade a country full of terrorist? As depicted by Writer: Jeff Parker; Artist: Patch Zircher; and Publisher: Marvel Comics – in November 2011.

Thirteen months ago, the Shadzir terrorist known as Dagan Shah, manages to escape from American forces by dubious means.

Today, in Canada, Rulk witnesses another such escape, when General Fortean breaks away from the battle that he is currently having with this red-skinned goliath.

Now obviously intrigued why Fortean escaped, Rulk goes to his liaison, Amy, and asks her why this has transpired. So Amy, in turn, delves into governmental records – and with some help from an college called Terry – relays to the Rulk that Fortean’s withdrawal was due to the death of an old college of his from his army days – Colonel Will Krugauer – a mercenary. 

So what how to do think that the Rulk reacts to this surprising news? Because does he just reminisce? Well – yes – he does reminisce – but on top of that, out of anger he fly’s all the way to where Colonel Krugauer died – Qatar – and in normal Hulk fashion, he, SMASHES! However, some of the locals try their best to resist his attack – with a modicum of successes. Moreover, the Secret Avengers have their say as well... oops!

To be continued...  

Now this Rulk related story seems like an interesting one to read. Basically, part one of ‘Hulk of Arabia’, is about old how our not so favourite red-skinned giant, hears the tragic news that an old college of his has died, and in haste he goes to kick some ass. However, this is a Marvel title don’t you know, so of course there has to be the obligatory spin at the end of the book, to make you keep on guessing to what is going to happen next.

But in this case, it is the ever loving arrival of Marvels not so favourite b-team, the Secret Avengers.

Truly, I would like to yawn now – out of pure jovial spender – but I am kept at bay from doing so, because hopefully down the line something good may come out of this story arc. Granted, what that ‘something’ will be is anyone’s guess really. Though I do presume that a couple of battles are on the cards, as well as the overall resolution to this terrorist gambit that was fleetingly introduced at the beginning of this tale.

OK, I know that my tone has rapidly grown wearier the more that I write this review. It is just that I feel that this storyline is a bit too safe to make it a truly engaging read. Well, so far, what has been presented has been a somewhat generic introduction, which has been kind of formulaic all in all.

Step One: Introduce the main villain. Step Two: Introduce the hero onto a path that will lead him to the main villain. Step Three: Hulk Smash. And Step Four: Surprise ending.

See what I mean?

Fair enough, the art by Patch Zircher was great, and the words and pathos by Jeff Parker was interesting too. Though I have to say that I do not feel enough was given to this introductory chapter, to make it a very memorable read. And in addition to this, where is the heart that the Rulk has shown in previous issues?

Sorry Patch and Jeff – this time your story has not really made my day, instead, it makes me wonder I will feel luck with the next issue.

(Excuse the puns, because I just watched a Clint Eastwood movie)


HULK #42 HULK #42 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 27, 2011 Rating: 5
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