I have always liked a good magic trick. Now I am not really sure why this is so, because all I can say is that I get aroused by the notion of something different hovering around the universe, just like Writer: Peter Milligan; Artist: Mikel Janin; and Publisher: DC Comics – though only in October 2011.

Something is very strange on Earth – and it is starting to become tangible to the touch. Madam Xanadu can sense it whilst sitting behind her desk, pontificating about the fate of mankind. June Moon can taste it whist walking along the streets, distracting herself with petite mumbles and the flow of human traffic. Shade the Changing Man can feel it in his marrow, causing him to end his current relationship with a husk that he has made. And Zatanna can see it when she calls on the Justice League to relinquish this foe, and is so doing – they all fall by ‘it’s’ hand – Superman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman also. For that matter so does Batman too – but by Zatannas hand – to save him of course.

Now who is this ‘it’ that I am referring too? Well, it is a mad female magician called the Enchantress – a person that prompts John Constantine to pop into the picture – for June to visit Deadman – for Shade to talk to Madam Xanadu – and for Madam Xanadu to see death on the future.

To be continued... 

OK, I have to put my hands up in the air and state for the record that I bought ‘Justice League Dark’ for one reason and one reason only. Now it does not have anything to do with the silly name that DC has given this title – as the ‘Dark’ tag line makes this comic book sound like a brand of chocolate or something. And it has nothing to do with the magically based heroes in this book either – well, lets face it, DC does not have a good track record where their ‘magic based’ publications are concerned, have they.

I bought this book because of the writer – Peter Milligan – as if anyone is able to make magic happen in the DC universe – he can.

And, prey-tell, did he manage to do this? Did Peter (the maestro) Milligan do a little hocus-pocus upon the DCnU? Err – yeah – kind of. As his able assistant – artist, Mikel Janin – did take my breath way with his find line work, and Peter, himself, did a fine job in introducing to us – the audience – the tone of this new team book, as well as the style that he is going to convey.

Personally speaking, I did not mind this meet and great issue at all – as I enjoyed how each of the characters were established by Madam Xanadu’s narration, plus the set up to whatever is going to happen next with this ‘Enchanted’ story-line. Granted, we all know that by the end of this first arc (aptly titled ‘In the Dark’), that the magical heroes will band together, and win for truth, justice, and the hip-hip-hurrah. However, what we do not know yet, is how these ‘heroes’ will perform together, and what all of this will achieve that is all that different from what has come before it.

And it precisely because of this fact – for me – that makes this issue fall short from being ‘Peter perfect’. Now if Peter spun a bit more character into the mix, this comic book would stand out amidst the new 52.  But because we only saw the ‘team’ characters on there Jack Jones (except for Shade and Xanadu at the end) – well – no smoking gun for Milligan.

Overall, a promising start for a new team in the DC Universe – lets hope that Peter and Mikel can make magic happen.


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 05, 2011 Rating: 5
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