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Have you ever traveled before? If not, I assure you that you should. As you can see, hear, taste, and feel – different cultures – different races – different languages – different foods – and different giant robots who want to pound you into pâté. Just ask Writer: Dan Jurgens; Artist: Aaron Lopresti; and Publisher: DC Comics – especially in November 2011.

Now with their home base in Washington – the Hall of Justice – burnt to a cinder, can the Justice League International have a better time battling a giant robot in Peru? Err – difficult to say really – because their battle appears to be deteriorating by the minute. Firstly, the Justice League International rallies their forces together once the robot attacks them – which is nice. Secondly, Rocket Red seizes the opportunity to use his technology to calm this behemoth down – which is also nice. Thirdly, the robot regains control of its faculties, and in doing so blasts Ice in the process – which is not so nice. And fourthly, Booster Gold makes the decision to shield Ice from any further injury by retreating his team – which has a mixed reception for all involved.

In the aftermath of this event, a number of things occurred, which I will now convey to you in the form of questions. 1) Why does the United Nations representative, Briggs, not like Batman on this team? 2) Why does Guy Gardner return to the League, when he hears the news that Ice has been injured? 3) Why does Rocket Red persist in questioning Booster Gold’s leadership skills, when the rest of the team are fine with it? And 4) Why do four more giant monsters suddenly appear in four more cities, all goaded by an alien from space?

Obviously, to be continued, right?

From here on in, I have decided to make a rule for myself when I review this Justice League International series – ‘I will not compare it to what has come before’. Now if I do, do this, then by all mean spam me please – preferably with the threat of a cash supplement.

OK, so now that I have that out of the way with, what did I like about this second instalment of the Justice League International? Hmm? Difficult to say really – as on the one hand, it told a tale – and on the other hand... errr... it... told a... tale... also?

Ohh! This is going to be tough.

Well, personally speaking, I just found this issue pretty standardised all in all. Granted, the story by Dan Jurgens was an interesting one, and the artwork by Lopresti was nice as well. However, interesting plus nice does not equal dynamic reading. Moreover, having the characters talk during battle for nothing more than exposition and plot, does not character make either. Listen, I am sorry for criticizing this current creative team in this manner – as overall this book is not that bad. Nevertheless, ‘not that bad’ can also mean ‘not that good’ also – and I want this book to be great.

I like the current roster – all of them – because each and every member can lend something to this team which can be fresh and new. In addition to this, I know from reading Jurgens recent ‘Booster Gold’ series, that he can deliver a great tale if he puts his mind to it – and not just a ‘paint it by numbers’ team book which wants to be something that its not.

Now what I am trying to say here, in a round about way, is that we all – fans, creators, and publishers alike – have to grasp change within our two hand, and not let what has come out previously warp our perspective. I love the old Justice League International title, but I would love to love this new one too – as it has a promise to become something that I am sure will be as bright and as captivating as what has come earlier. It just needs a bit more character, a bit more structure, and a bit more pathos.

One minute! I broke my rule, didn’t I? D’OH!

Not bad issue – not bad art – just not bad.


JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #2 JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #2 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 20, 2011 Rating: 5
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