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Orders are orders, right? Because sometimes you have to tread the line of structure, so that you can get what you want in life. For example – you need to work so you can get money – you need to eat so you can have energy to work – or you need to kill a stadium full of zombies, or otherwise a bomb in your head will explode. Now this latter scenario happened to a couple of people I know, namely, Writer: Adam Glass; Artist: Federico Dallocchhio; and Publisher: DC Comics – especially in November 2011.

By force, Amanda Waller sends the Suicide Squad into a football stadium, so that they can complete one simple mission – to slaughter all of the zombified inhabitants within, and then retrieve ‘the package’ of a mutated woman.

OK, so maybe not so simple.

However, the Suicide Squad does not seem to mind this at all, in fact, they appear to enjoy it. Because once they are all in inside the stadium, they break off into two teams, before shooting, zapping, punching, and pounding, whomever crosses there path. Granted, those who do cross there path, are deformed husks imbued with a ghastly appearance and a metal alloy clasped to their frame. Nevertheless, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Shark, Voltaic, and Black Spider do not emerge to care one little bit.

El Diablo does care though – not that this does him any good.

After a while, the Suicide Squad is able to find the mutated woman that they were looking for – OK, she finds them – a women who is pregnant with child. So what do they do next, huh? A caesarean? Err – kind off. Which leads to a patsy having to be made – an escape that has to be obeyed – and a ‘to be continued’ that needs to be relayed.

To be continued...  

Now this is a lot more like it, huh! Listen, I am not trying to say that the first issue of Suicide Squad was bad at all – but this issue, the second one, really takes the bull by the proverbial horns, and then runs with it all the way to Mississippi (I don’t know what that mean either, I just heard it in a film once).

OK, so why is this book so good? Well – simple really – firstly, it builds upon the simple premise as relayed in issue one – next, it puts two fingers up at the critiques – before finally, delving straight into a semi-self-contained story, full of action, character, and plot, that is brash in the execution, and dynamic in the tone.

Personally speaking, the harsh line work and lively battle scenes’ that the artist, Federico Dallocchhio (or ‘Daly’ to his friends), is able to construct on the page, really does elevate this book way above what I would have normally expected. Moreover, the blatant and bold characterisations that the writer, Adam Glass (of ‘Gas’ to his friends), has managed to convey within his words, complement’s Daly’s art, whilst at the same time ‘cuts to the chase’ in defining who he thinks these characters are.

Granted, who Gas thinks that these character are, are somewhat contradictory to my own personal views – at the moment. However, like most of the new 52, time will tell if things will ‘step back’ where matters such as these are concerned, or if the creators will break the moulds of convention.

Overall, this issue of Suicide Squad was a very good read – as it teased – it conveyed – and it started to show its true colours on what a truly good title this may be.

Now what do you guys think? I know that some of you out in cyberspace are not too keen on Harleys costume or Deadshots new look – which I ain’t either if I am honest about it. Though this cosmetic faux-par should not prompt you from dropping this book yet, huh?

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Oh! By the way, if you are a Suicide Squad fan, check out this fan-site - http://suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/ - it's the dogs bollocks!!!


SUICIDE SQUAD #2 SUICIDE SQUAD #2 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 24, 2011 Rating: 5
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