Now are you the type of person that loves to go out? You know the type I mean – an active person – an adventurous person – a person who just adores the act of kicking back and letting loose with a rum-tum-tum, and a hey-hey-hoe. What? I am talking like Ned Flanders from the Simpson’s? D’OH!

Dumbo (Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Edition

Picture the scene, your girl friend has just received the tragic news that a drunken Elephant has crushed her long lost Auntie, Meredith, to death – so what do you do about it? Put your arm around her shoulder and say ‘There, there my dear, the Elephant never felt a thing’? Or, alternatively, do you try to cop a feel of her ample breasts, whist humming the theme tune to the cartoon ‘Dumbo’? Better yet, do you just make loud and boisterous Elephant noises, with the vain attempt to cheer up your nearest and dearest?

No – of course you don’t (though if you do, can you record it, and then put it on YouTube please).

What you do instead, is to take your girl friend away from the daily grind, thus giving her the opportunity to grieve in a matter that will make her perspective that appear much more translucent. And, prey tell, how can you do that?

Simple really – take her out. 

Now there are quite a few places that I could recommend, all of which can be as congenial and as charming as could be. However, what I find works very well with the bereavement process, is an environment populated with fun, frivolity, and larks. For example:

Here, have a look at some of these video clips to see what I mean...


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