DISNEY MOVIE CLUB Now it is a known fact, that Walt Disney's half-brother - Donnie - had a subversive plan in action, to take take down Walt's empire. OK, I know that some people may think that I am talking a lot of twaddle, or maybe even expanding upon preexisting conspiracy theories. However, within recent years, extensive governmental studies have proven that Donnie has Musophobia - the fear of mice - thus providing motivation for his hatred

Disney movies

 OK, OK, OK, I know what you must be thinking to yourself "Huh! My ever loving faithful reviewer, must have taken too much medication again". But no, what I say it true! Because even though there is no documentented evidence of Donnie's phobia of mice, there is evidence of his disdain for Walt - and I can prove it to you too, by showing you this alternate Mickey Mouse movie clip.

Do you see how Donnie felt about mice now? Do you? The way that he spoofed Walts creation, by turning him into a fat little Russian looking twat, with a a silly swagger and a whiny voice. Well - there - I have proven my point then  - hundred percent - kaput - finito - capiche. Moreover, there is another fact that I would like to raise - the Disney Movie Club.

Now each week, this on-line movie club is giving away any Disney DVD's at such low prices, that it must be one of Donnies's ploys. All you have to do is: (1) Go to  www.disneymovieclub.go.com. (2) Pick four Disney DVD's of your choosing. (3) Sign up. And (4) Pay them $1 for your expense. THAT'S IT!!!!  $1? What is Donnie trying to do? Bankrupt his brothers empire? $1 including post and packaging is just nuts, right? As who in their right mind will pay $1 for a bunch of Disney DVD's such as the Toy Story set of films, Finding Nemo, the old time classics, and films such as...

Brothers, huh? What a bunch of gits. 

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This post brought to you by Disney Movie Club. All opinions are 100% mine.