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13 Witches
Now within recent years, it has been theorized that the concept behind wizardry, plus the people associated with it, all have a logical rational to explain away their 'goth demeanor'. Ghouls were most probably people with a hypersensitive skin condition - whom shied away from the populace. Goblins were obviously 'small people' - like mini-me in Austin Powers. And as for Witches, well, it has been proven that these poor unfortunate women, probably just had very bad P.M.T. - thus their sullen ways. However, I do know of 13 sexy Witches - so I could be wrong with this latter fact. 

The Witches

Yep. That is correct. I said '13 sexy witches'. Well, I have seen these lovely ladies before you see, all of them in a web-series created by Sabine Mondestin. Now, the basic premise behind this feature, is that centuries ago, 13 sexy women whom practiced paganism, were all wrongfully accused for being witches. And so - unfortunately - the result of all this, was that they were all beaten - stabbed - and burned alive - by people whom they thought loved them.

Not a nice thing to do, right? Nevertheless, through their own nefarious means, the '13 sexy witches' managed to strike a deal with the devil, and centuries later, it is payback time - Witch style.

Here. Have a look at this YouTube clip to see what I mean

13 Witches
Personally speaking, I think that this series is a hoot. Its gothic in tone - sexy by nature - jovial in charm - and, all in all, something that I am sure most of you out in cyberspace, would just love to get your hands on (so to speak). Try to think of it as the television series 'Buffy' or 'Charmed', except that the women are a lot more vivacious, and the overall pageantry has a lot more guts to it.

Now for further more information about '13 Witches', please check out their official website - Official Trailer - or their Official facebook page - because all of them are well worth a click or two, just for the sake of curiosity.

So - go ahead - click - or otherwise I will get my small mate who has a hypersensitive skin condition and PMT, to give you a click - of the other variety, heheheh!

13 WITCHES - THE SEXIEST WITCHES STORY EVER TOLD? 13 WITCHES - THE SEXIEST WITCHES STORY EVER TOLD? Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on November 22, 2011 Rating: 5
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