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DISNEY MOVIE CLUB Now some time ago, I wrote an article about Walt Disney’s evil brother – Donnie – and how he was trying to destroy Walt’s empire, by selling his Disney Movies for next to nothing (click here for details). However, recently, I got a message from the Disney foundation, starting that even though I was right about Donnie, I was wrong about Donnie selling his wares for next to nothing. Please allow me to explain my error in judgement.

For Disney Movies for a $1

How I got myself into this predicament in the first place, primarily stems from one person, who gave me two sources of information.

You see, I have a good mate of mine -- and a fellow ‘reviewer’ -- who is an all round super-sleuth and avant-garde blogger. Edger Madeupname is his name, and -- like myself -- he has to do a lot of research during his day, so that he can keep ‘one up’ on the readers. Unfortunately, though, for Edgar to be able to maintain his perceptive mental prowess, and accomplish this task, he has a bad habit of sniffing washing up liquid to ‘clean his mind’ - thus making his feel like this... 

OK, I know that this ‘procedure’ does sound somewhat strange – and it is – but for Edger, it seems to work for him, and, he has been able to give me ‘good stuff’ where conspiracy ladened theories are concerned. 

Still, with Donnie – Walt’s brother – however, Edger was correct about him having Musophobia (fear if mice), and a dislike for his brother too (by producing subversive cartoons about his brothers creations). But alas, Edger was wrong when he presented to me the website disneymovieclub.go.com – telling me that this was Donnie’s ‘vessel for revenge’.

Damn! It seemed so pat for me at the time – the perceived concept behind this site. As all you have to do, is: (1) Choose 4 top of the range Disney Movies on offer. (2) Sign up for a FREE account with this site – with additional FREE shipping. And (3) Pay a measly dollar for the privilege. Well – come on – a dollar? What can you do for a dollar?  Become a shareholder in a thrift-shop? Change it into 100 coins, and then throw said coins at passers-by for the shear hell of it? Insert it into a stripper for a cheep thrill? Pretend that it is a larger denomination for as long as you can, until you come back to Earth with a, BANG? What?

The funny thing is, is that Edgar never told me that he actually used the site to buy four DVD’s until just the other day. Boy, he was ever so happy that they all came in such good time, that he looked over to me, and said whilst he was waggling his ‘Toy Story 2’ DVD in my face, ‘It works! Screw Donnie – thank Walt’.

Yeah – I would like to thank Walt – I would like to thank him for giving me the idea of sticking some of Edgars DVD’s, up through the same passage that he sniff his washing up liquid though – Pinocchio style. And I would also like to thank disneymovieclub.go.com for not taking any offence to my previous article, if anything, they made me...

Go and check out disneymovieclub.go.com today,. and get yourself a cheep thrill that is worth well more than a dollar.

DISNEY MOVIE CLUB – 4 DVD’s for $1 DISNEY MOVIE CLUB – 4 DVD’s for $1 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on November 17, 2011 Rating: 5
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