Justice League: In Justice For All Have you ever wondered where inner strength comes from? Does it come from a fusion of chemical upon skin? Does it come from a planet far-far away? Or does it come from a genetic meld of God and mortal? Well, maybe it comes from none of these things. And instead, it comes from this 45 minute cartoon made in 2002.

Justice League: In Justice For AllFamily Films)

Due to a rare dose of Kryptonite poisoning, Superman’s arch-enemy, Lex Luthor, is captured by the Justice League, and then sent to prison for his crimes.

However, once inside, Lex teams up with his ‘neighbour’, Ultra- Humanite, and they both escape their confinement under very nefarious circumstances indeed.

But alas, to make matters even worse, when these two baddies eventually find a base of operations to camp out in, they then join forces with the villains, Cheetah, Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire, and the Shade, to form a Legion of Doom – with the intent of wiping out the Justice League once and for all.

OK, so does this evil plan play out? Are the Legion of Doom able to take on the might of the Justice League? Hmm? No – not really. Because when they first meet, the League is able to defend themselves from their actions. And in so doing, they capture Copperhead, whilst invoking a fatality in the process – Batman is poisoned by Copperheads bite.

Nevertheless, do you think that this little nip will put Batman down? No – I do not think so either. You see, when he recovers, Batman – on his own – manages to track down the Legion of Doom, just after the Joker joins their ranks and then subdues him.

Ooohhh! Poor Bats!

Now that Batman is captured by Lex and these dastardly fiend’s, they try there best to subdue him, by strapping him to a technologically advanced stasis chamber / confinement device. But remember – this is Batman we are talking about – and, one, by one, by one, he stirs dissension amongst this groups, all the while they are planning to blow up the Justice Leagues orbital watchtower.

Ouch! Therefor, that is why what next transpires is a rather brave and bold affair indeed! As bombs blow – villains fight – Lex is supercharged – the Justice League attacks – Batman smirks – and the Ultra-Humanite is left listening to a song.

‘Justice League: Injustice for All’ is one of my all time favorite cartoons to come out of this television show. It is bold in characterization. It is simple in plot. It is full of little winks at the fans. And most important of all, it is a Batman story to boot. OK, I know that the rest of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom are in this piece as well. But in essence, this amazing animatic answers a very pertinent question where ‘the League’ is concerned – with all these ‘super powered’ heroes in the group, what do they need Batman for?

And do you know what? Not only does this cartoon answer this question, but it answers it in style too.

The Injustice League

Though how do the makers of this film manage to accomplish this task, huh? Simple really. It sets the scene to put ol’Bats in jeopardy, and in so doing, it also highlights a number of key points that make him the hero that he is. Firstly, Batman’s intimidating side – because I am sure that Copperhead would have been more scared of Batman than he was of Superman. Secondly, Batman’s psychological side – as seen in the way that he manipulates Cheetah to aide him. Thirdly, Batman’s cunning side – which is displayed in the way that he engineers the villains to fight one another whilst he is confined. Fourthly, Batman’s forward planning – especially highlighted when he plants the tracking device on Lex Luther, as well as his closing remarks to the Joker. And fifthly, his courageous manner – as spotlighted in the whole film really.

However, not only does ‘Justice League: Injustice for All’ showcase Batman’s attributes, but as I have mentioned before, there is a lot of little winks at fandom also: (1) The Donna Troy doll thrown at Wonder Woman. (2) Lex Luthors Kryptonite poisoning and his battle armor – which pays homage to the nineties ‘Superman titles’. (3) The closing tag-team battles that reunites’ old foes together in cartoon form – Wonder Woman with Cheetah, the Flash with the Shade, and Green Lantern with Star Sapphire. (4) The Ultra-Humanite penchant for music was cited in a seventies issue of ‘Adventure Comics’. And (5) The scene where Copperhead bit Batman, may have been ripped off of and old issue of ‘The Brave and The Bold’ – where Batman teamed up with Wonder Woman to fight this fiend.

The Joker and Batman in Justice League: In Justice For All

Now, if I had anything negative to say about this movie, it would be that some of the characters in this piece were unfortunately subjected to playing second fiddle all in all – most notably, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and maybe the Flash. Still, with so many people thrown into the mix, the only real way to rectify this error would be to make this cartoon longer – which personally, I would have liked.

Still, would making it longer have made it better? Hmm? Not sure? Because one of defining attributes to this cartoon, is that it has a focused and punchy quality to it, which shows it to be truly great. And, overall – great is what great does – make for an entertaining and dynamic story, one that I am sure I will re-visit again and again when I need a quick pick me up of animation fun.

Perfect cartoon – made to tell a story, as well as to answer a very important question.