Do you find animals funny? Do you sigh at the sight of a squirrel? Do you chuckle at the coff of a cat? Or better yet, do you piss yourself at the poking of a pony? No... I didn’t understand that last one either. Just like I don’t understand the silliness of this satirical yet stylish sentence riddled summation!

Animal Magic

OK - I understand that this may sound like a silly things to pontificate on - but it would be nice to know if animals are funny, huh?

Lets review...
  • One legged man losses his shoe in horse.
  • Monkey has an affair with banana.
  • Why do Koalas carry their babies on their back? Because they can't push a pram up a tree. 
  • Christmas deemed unchristian by Giraffe.
  • Mother of three sells her youngest child to camel – Father gets the hump.
  • 57 year old Elephant passes driving test in wheelbarrow.
  • Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don't work!
  • Nymphomaniac found dead next to a Whale.
  • Monkey wins lottery – Pope resigns.
  • Dog goes missing in Chinatown - dinner at eleven.
  • Aeroplane found in Hamburger – cow resigns.
  • Five senior citizens buy pink sock from dead Giraffe.
  • Why is it easy to weigh fish? Because they always have scales!
  • Feet deemed illegal by fish.
  • Shooting people in the face with a pigeon causes blindness.
  • You will only get attacked by a shark if you’re wet.
  • Cat survives encounter in microwave – wins Xfactor – and then dies on television commercial.

Yeah - I am sure that you will agree, when I say that animals can be right funny buggers, huh!

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