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"Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin's laid a egg. Oh what fun it is to hide in a fortress made for Judge Dredd". OK, so I am sure that you are wondering to yourself, why I have decided to commence my 'Ode to Santa', with a perversion of a Christmas rhyme involving comic book superheroes, right? Well, in a somewhat blatant manner, this little ditty is a good way of expressing what I am going to talk about next...

... Father Christmas, and his role in comic books.

Father Christmas (also known as 'Saint Nick' to the Greeks) first appeared in 270AD, Lycia et Pamphylia, Asia Minor (now known as Turkey). Now in those more rustic times, good old S.N. developed a very good reputation for being a charitable man, a honorable man, a holy man, and a man who did a very nice trick with some wheat and a turnip (like David Blaine). Still, even with these good deeds behind him, it wasn't until the Dutch (Grrr!) honored him in 1062 (long story), that he then went on to become the bearded maestro that we all know and love today - Santa Clause.

It is a shame really - that Santa's time in comic books has been of a somewhat peculiar one for him. You see, his image has been utilized in many different ways over the years - such as...

Primarily, back in the 1940's and the 1950's, but on occasion, within the more recent years as well, Father Christmas' has made a number of a grand appearances, upon the covers of many comic book publications. Granted, this is normally a marketing ploy made by the burjorjee, just so they can then capitalize on his visage over the holiday season. Still - looks nice, huh?



Now you would have thought, that when someone would actually meet Saint Nick, that this would be a joyous occasion for all involved, right? But no - this is the comic books industry we are talking about here people - an industry that thrives on conflict, perversion, troubles, and pain (like porn - just less intrusive). So when Santa and heroes clash, it is not always a very happy occasion per-say. Santa's been a renegade - Santa's been a assassin - Santa's been a super-powered despot - and Santa's been a member of congress too. Poor git.



As you can most probably tell from what I have shown you so far, Father Christmas has had a somewhat bi-polar time all in all within the world of comic book lore. However, what would the future bring for 'Good Old Saint Nick'? Would it be a fortuitous time for one and all? Or would it be a collection of nob gags at his expense? Lets have a look, shall we?

OK, so what have we learnt from this article, huh? That Father Christmas has been a good spokesmen for corporate paraphernalia? That Santa can take a mean left hook? That Jolly Saint Nick is a bit of a martyr at Christmas time? Or that this nice chap, born in 270AD, Asia Minor, is as versatile, and as interpretive, as any of the heroes who have followed his path since? Thought for food, huh? Christmas food.

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