There's a Girl in My Soup Cover Does success equal happiness? Well, it only stands to reason, that if you do have the cash to splash, then you must be able to find a beaux to show. Correct? Err – only if these people think so – Director: Roy Boulting; and Actors: Peter Sellers, Goldie Hawn, and Tony Britton – particularly for 95-minutes in 1970.

There's a Girl in My Soup

Forty something man about town, Robert Danvers (Peter Sellers), is a very lucky man indeed. He has a successful career as a television presenter on a prime time cookery show. He owns a luxurious penthouse situated in a trendy part of London. And on top of that, he also has a way with the women that is just tantalising to the touch. Heck, even his publisher, Andrew Hunter (Tony Britton) likes him!

However, one night, by chance of fate, Robert crosses path a very pretty lady called Marion (Goldie Hawn).

Now, unlike Robert, Marion does not own her own home – she is younger than he is – and, unfortunately for her, her luck with the men is somewhat to be desired, particularly when she finds out that her boyfriend, Jimmy (Nicky Henson), has cheated on her with someone else.

So what do you think happens when Robert and Marion meet up, huh? Well, at first, there encounter is somewhat strained – because Marion is peculiarly confrontational with Robert, and her ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, is not too nice to him either.

Nevertheless, over time, both Robert and Marion manage to find some common ground with each other – i.e. nookie – and together, they head on over to France, due to a work commitment that Robert has to tender to.

In France, Marion gets drunk – Robert gets wet – and even when Marion instigates a jovial ploy, insinuating that they are both married, things seems to work out for the best at the end.

Or does it? Because upon there return to London, the media find out about Robert and Marion's 'farcical' union, and they broadcasts it for all in sundry to see. Therefore, that is why what next transpires is a rather sordid affair all in all – as packs are made – ploy are played – and hearts are broken when a gambit is relayed.

Or is it? 

Now to paraphrase a quote brandished though out ‘There’s a Girl in My Soup’ by Peter Sellers – my god, this film is lovely. And why is it lovely? Well, for a start, Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn are in it, and together they really do justice to this film. Peter puts on a show with his debonair performance of a man who loves to penetrate the opposite sex whenever he can. And as for Goldie – sigh – she is just lovely as lovely can be. 

Peter and Goldie in There's a Girl in My Soup

Moreover, this movie relays a rather poignant parable concerning the after-effects of the sixties promiscutive society, all filtered through a personal tale relating to two peoples dilemmas, about their own station in life. Just like the Michael Caine film, ‘Alfie’, this film projects the same type of dichotomy that some people had to go though, just so they could realize that ‘shagging around’ does have its drawbacks. Unlike ‘Alfie’ though, it does it with a wry wink at conformity, and an overt pretext that is ‘of it’s time’.

OK, this is not to say that this film is not relatable on a certain level – because it is. However, there are instances within this film, which did manage to confuse me a bit. Initially, the conceit that Peter Seller’s was some sort of a playboy, was difficult for me to swallow at first – because I knew him primarily as a foil to funny films. And subsequently, the decision that Goldie Hawn’s character makes at the end of the film, is kind of confusing to me, because of the way her boyfriend treated her up to that point in time – even if it was left open ended.  

Peter and Goldie in There's a Girl in My Soup

There's a Girl in My Soup Poster
Still, apart from those two minor niggles – and I do mean minor – I really did think that ‘There’s A Girl In My Soup’ is a really great film, and one that in my opinion should have had more critical acclaim than it received. Well, why else would I know so much about it, huh? Things like: (1) This film was originally based on a theatre production of the same name, and starred Donald Sinden, Barbara Ferris and Jon Pertwee, which ran for six years in the London’s West End – from 1966 to 1972. (2) Peter Sellers worked with the Director on this film before, Roy Boulting, on the films ‘Soft Beds, Hard Battles’ and ‘Carlton-Browne of the FO’. Also, Peter worked with Roy’s brother, John Boulting, on the films ‘I am Alright Jack’ and ‘Heavens Above’. (3) The catch phrase that Peter deployed though out this film on numerous occasions ‘"My god, but you're lovely’ was utilised in the Austin Powers series of films. (4) Goldie Hawn once stated on a television interview, that Peter Sellers proposed to her on the set of this film – prudently, she declined his kind offer. (5) Tony Britton, who plays Peters publisher in this film, was a stalwart of British television though out the sixties, seventies, and eighties. And his legacy is still known today, through his daughter, Fern Britton, who is a television presenter. (6) The rather unkempt and well-built landlady in this film, was non other then Diana Dors – who in her earlier days was deemed as England’s answer to Marilyn Monroe. (7) The Eastman Company, whom processed this film, belonged to the father of Linda McCartney, wife of Paul. (8) Peter Sellers married four times in his life – his third marriage lasted for under a week though. (9) Goldie Hawn has been married three times – and she has stayed with her current partner, Kurt Russell, since 1983. And (10) The type of character Peter plays in this film was called a ‘Dandy’ in British circles – because of the debonair and privileged attitude this person relayed. Since then, however, this term has been translated into ‘homosexual’ by certain personages, and it is also a name of a Scottish comic book too. 

There's a Girl in My Soup Cast

Phew! I read a lot, don’t I? So I best conclude this review by saying that ‘There’s A Girl In My Soup’ is a really great film to watch. It’s artistic in places, analytical in others, and overall it is a really funny film, which makes you think, laugh, sigh, and cry. Heck, you even get to see Goldie’s pert ass – so what else do you want, blood?

A must see film for people who love the sixties – as well as a must see film for those people who appreciate songs such as...


THERE’S A GIRL IN MY SOUP THERE’S A GIRL IN MY SOUP Reviewed by David Andrews on December 14, 2011 Rating: 5
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