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Do you know what? I am really happy today. For a start, I am happy that I have met a fellow blogger, called Happy Nat. Next, I am happy that Happy Nat is a Beatles fan - like me. After that, I am happy that I found some time today, to speak to Happy Nat, about his Beatles fan-site, TheBeatlesRarity.com. And finally, I am happy that I can now present to you, dear reader, my interview with Happy Nat - that is just so happy - that I want to explode, BOOOOM!!!

Rare Beatles Autographs

1) So what is your website about Nat?   The purpose of TheBeatlesRarity.com, is to primarily publish my Beatles Rarity Of The Week column.

These days, they are regularly posted each Monday. This is where I take on the attitude that you can find the mainstream Beatles and solo-Beatles hits anywhere but once a week or so - you might want to hear something that is a little more out of the ordinary. I take requests for future BROWs too. It only has to be something somewhat rare that one or more Beatles is playing on.

On Wednesdays, there is usually a post of one of the Beatles Cartoons that used to be televised in the mid to late 60′s on Saturday morning in the U.S. on ABC TV. If you click the Categories tab in the upper right sidebar, you’ll see a link for Weekly Cartoon Clips if you want to watch Beatles Cartoons.

The Beatles
On Fridays, there is a Beatles-related video feature (dubbed VOW for Video of the Week).

Another feature on the site is something called Collector’s Corner. These are articles describing a rare collectible Beatles-related release straight from the Happy Nat collection. It is complete with background information, why it’s rare, if it’s valuable, and, if so, how valuable as well. And there’s lots of photos.

There are also interviews I have done with some interesting Beatle-people that I have recorded and placed on the site. These are of a few people who have been involved with one or more of The Beatles musical career (e.g. Denny Laine, formerly of Wings - Sid Bernstein, promoter for The Beatles Shea Stadium Concert - Freda Kelly, Beatles Official Fan Club Secretary - Brian Ray, Paul McCartney guitarist/bassist, etc.).

Oh! There is a lot more going on too - some of which coincides with my involvement with Internet streaming radio station Fab4Radio (www.fab4radio.com).

2) Does your site utilize social media sources?   Yeah, there is a Facebook page, a Twitter stream, and an RSS link for your phone (click on an appropriate link for a direct... err... link).

3) Why build the site in the first place Happy, and what prompted you to take a 'Long And Winding Road' towards Beatles fan-dom?   I have been fascinated by the work of The Beatles for a long time now, and have been collecting recordings by them since 1976 - which is longer than I have been an adult. Over the years, my interests grew beyond the official recordings, and also from group efforts to solo-Beatle projects - and from collectible vinyl to CDs and video media.

My fascination of The Beatles has gone beyond the status of a mere "hobby", as I spend a good bit of time researching various aspects of their recording methodology. TheBeatlesRarity.com serves as an outlet for me to share some of what I discover and appreciate about the group that is historically the greatest band on Earth.

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
4) What section do you like the best on your site?   The BROW (Beatles Rarity Of The Week) is what I actually started the site for, and, has remained a strong contender as far as positive response from others over the last 4+ years so I will have to go with that. The other features were later ideas that I added to, but BROW is the primary thing. 

5) Do you have an amusing story that you could tell me about your site Nat?   I don't know how amusing this is, but I can say that it started out as a simple column I wrote on a music blogging site and evolved into a whole site on it's own and grew from there in a way I never thought possible. I have to say, I am very satisfied to have a loyal group of readers, many of whom have stuck with me for years - and I'm proud of that and proud of them for their comments and thankful for their support and contributions to the ongoing effort.

That is at least amusing to me.

Speaking of other people, I am very amused at who I've had the opportunity to meet just through maintaining the site. If you look at my interview page, you'll see I've had a chance to speak with Brian Ray (from Paul McCartney's current band), Denny Laine (former member of Wings), Freda Kelly (10 year Nat'l Secretary of Beatles Fan Club), Sid Bernstein (who got the Beatles into Shea Stadium in 1965 and 1966), Dennis Mitchell (of the world syndicated radio show Breakfast With The Beatles), David Bedford (author of Liddypool: Birthplace Of The Beatles), Judith Kristen (author of A Date With A Beatle) and Jude Southerland Kessler (author of two John Lennon biopics Shoulda Been There and Shivering Inside). Although there are no interviews there I have had the opportunity to meet a few others that have loomed high in The Beatles legend (Gary Wright, Chris O'Dell, Denny Seiwell, Mark Hudson, Larry Kane, etc., etc.).

Abbey Road - The Beatles
I've also had the opportunity to help out with the film 'Good Ol' Freda' about the Beatle-years with Freda Kelly (this will be a great film for Beatles fans out in a year or so from now). I've also helped some authors of Beatles books with various types of research, etc. These types of opportunities keep up the awareness of The Beatles in newer generations and it is always a pleasure to help with these types of things. I never would have had these opportunities without the website because that's how people find me in the first place. 

6) Are you really that 'Happy' Nat?   Yes - yes I am.

7) Do you have a Cat Nat? And does it sleep on a Mat?   Huh? No - why do you ask?

8) Well, I just wanted to say that 'Happy Nat's Cat Naps on a Mat'.   Sigh! Say 'goodbye' reviewer.

'Hello' Reviewer.

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