Bruce Almighty Cover ‘Our Bugger, which art in Devon. Bruce be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy bill is done. As in earth as it is in Devon. Give us this gay our daily zed. And outlive us our big-asses, as we forgive them that big-ass against us. Ben-10’. Or, alternatively, watch this film Directed by Tom Shadyac; and Starring: Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell. It was made in 2003, and lasts for 101-minutes.

Bruce Almighty

Now it is pretty safe to say that when wacky television field reporter, Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), hears the news that his co-worker, Evan Baxter (Steve Carell), has beaten him to the post of anchorman – that he feels that the devil has smitten him greatly. Moreover, just to make matters much more worse for poor ol’Bruce – he gets sacked from this job because of unruly conduct – he gets mugged on the street whilst saving a beggar – he has an argument with his girlfriend, Grace Connelly (Jennifer Aniston) because of his behaviour – and he crashes his car into a lamppost too.

Poor git – he has fallen.

However, Bruce does manage to get himself back onto his feet again, and aided by one of the most divine sources too. Well  – the one – also known as God (Morgan Freeman) – bestows onto Bruce a job to safeguard the people of earth, whilst he takes a sabbatical for a short while.

Great news for Bruce, huh? Having all that power now? Maybe? 

For a start, Bruce delivers righteous retribution to those whom previously mugged him – which is fun. Next, he makes peace with his girlfriend, Grace, in a matter that is truly out of this world – heavenly in fact. And finally, Bruce manages to wrangle his way back into his old job as a television field reporter, plus on top of that, pervert reality so that he is able to obtain the anchorman’s position to boot – what a miracle!

Though, as the Lord might say, what is simple to receive, is also simple to take away. You see, due to Bruce standing in the field of television journalism, this lofty role puts him in a compromising position with anchorwoman, Susan Ortega (Catherine Bell) – causing Grace to leave him. Plus, in addition to this, due his ‘mismanagement’ in answering people’s prayers, he turns the world into chaos – which isn't very nice, huh?

Therefore, that is why what next transpires is a very biblical affair indeed. Because rioters riot – anchormen see the light – God returns from his holidays – and peoples prayers are answered... one... at... a... time, THUD!

A beginning. 

OK, I have to admit, I have always liked the idea behind ‘religious satires’, ever since I watched the Monty Python film ‘The Life of Brian’, as well as the Kevin Smith Catholic comedy ‘Dogma’. You see, sometimes the best way to express how a person feels about life – and the ways that God and spirituality affects them – is through a ‘biblical perversion’ – just to give some sort of levity to the heavy dose of religious fervour.

Morgan and Jim in Bruce Almighty

Now, in my opinion, the writers of ‘Bruce Almighty’ – Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe and Steve Oedekerk – have managed do to just that, whilst at the same time being able to utilise the comedic styling of the ‘star of this show’ Jim Carrey.

Please note, this is not a negative slur by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, Jim adds a layer of cartoon-ish and escapist quality, which elevates this story to a more ‘homely' and ‘family friendly’ film. And, in some way, he also manages to convert this movie into some sort of super-hero every-man hybrid as well – just as he did with the Stanley Ipkiss character, in his other reality-bending-comedy ‘the Mask’.  Plus, just to make matter even more ‘pleasant and accommodating’ for the viewer, there are other welcoming actors on show too – like Morgan (he is a Black God) Freeman, Jennifer (she is mine) Aniston, and Steve (he is anybodies) Carell.

OK, what I have said so far is making this film feel as if it is a Disney movie of some kind – and on a certain level it is too. Though, on the other level, there is a ‘certain edge’ that Jim brings along with him – and anarchic edge – that makes this ‘little boys dream fantasy’  into something that is much more bold and extravagant.

Jennifer in Bruce Almighty

As if Jim himself was giving Mickey Mouse an anal probing, with the use of Goofy’s hat and his buck-teeth.


Moreover, this film has a simple message too – not to just hope that things turn out for the best, but to make things turn out for the best – thus adhering ‘Bruce Almighty’ with a grounding of sorts, a grounding steeped in traditional suburban values, with a sprinkling of comedic charm for good measure.

Jen's tits in Bruce Almighty

Overall, I have to say that this film is a very nice film to watch. For a start, all of the actors are great in it – particularly Jim, Jen, and Morgan, they are both on top form on this film. Next, I would have to say that the story is a nice and simple one – which is generally a good thing for a ‘family comedy’. And finally, the message behind this movie is something that needs telling from time to time – especially in this ‘click of a button’ and hope that everything will be fine day and age.

Bless you Bruce – you have found a believer.



BRUCE ALMIGHTY BRUCE ALMIGHTY Reviewed by David Andrews on January 20, 2012 Rating: 5
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