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Food – Religion – or Politics, what do you find funnier? Personally speaking, politics make me puke, religion make me rub my roger, and food makes me want to fuuuuu... errr... flannel? You know, as in... hmmm... flannel myself down... because I am feverish. Feverish, just like a Religious Politician who likes to eat with his feet. 

Funny Bone Jokes

  • Vicar is shown the red card in under-ten’s football tournament.
  • Blind man find’s God in Fridge – he saw the light.
  • Pope wears coat in Newcastle.
  • Gay Vicar reprimanded for picking ‘hims’ for ‘service’.
  • Jesus kicked off of reality television show for being too real.
  • Photo of Jesus discovered in sandwich – the bread was kosher.
  • Additional gift given to Jesus whilst in manger by pigeon – Ipod.

  • Whole’s found in cheese.
  • Vegetarian sacked from slaughter house.
  • Apricots made out of Ham.
  • Knock Knock who's there? Lettuce... Lettuce who? Lettuce in and we'll tell you!
  • Smelly cheese used as aftershave by the French.
  • Chewing gum made from small pigeon in lift.
  • Vegetarians deemed health conscious and annoying at the same time.

  • Government says something relevant – once.
  • Gypsy found not begging – Prime Minister blames single parent mothers.
  • Reverse non-smoking policy employed in Liverpool – non-smokers are asked to go outside when people want to smoke.
  • Death deemed ‘mildly annoying’ by politician.
  • The definition of a Politician is clarified as being a twat and an arse at the same time

WHAT'S FUNNIER? FOOD, RELIGION, OR POLITICS. WHAT'S FUNNIER? FOOD, RELIGION, OR POLITICS. Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on January 04, 2012 Rating: 5
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