BANZAPTOYS - TRANSFORMERS Whilst perusing the internet one day in search for porn, I came across a fellow blogger called Calum. Now at first, Calum came across like the normal everyday household variety of nut-job you'd see on However, once we started chatting upon the messaging service on offer, I quickly discovered that the only thing 'household' about him, is his product range. Here, check out a conversation we had whilst Anita and Bambi were were squeezing our egos.

Encyclopedia of Action Figures

1) How would you describe, Calum, in your own words?   BangZap Toys is all about celebrating Toys, Comics, Movies and Scifi characters. The site is there to allow fans to buy the coolest new and vintage toys and to make it as fun as possible.

2) What piece of music, movie, or object, would you say your site was like, and why?   I would say that BangZap Toys is like 'The Empire Strikes Back' because there is awesomeness around every corner and you will want to keep coming back to it.

Action Figures
3) What is the most successful product range you stock?   At the Moment it's Spiderman action figures. They're so popular that they're out of stock.

4) Where does the name ‘bangzaptoys’ originate from?   While digging in the forest one day I came across a metal box buried deep underground. I opened it and inside was a piece of paper with only one word. That word was BangZap. I took this as a sign and named my site after it.

*disclaimer. This story is entirely made up.

5) What is the ‘secret origin’ of your site? How did it come into existence.   I was often looking for for toys online and I felt that there was room for a site dedicated to scifi which sold toys but also had great blog and fun features.

Or: I won it in a poker game.

Dogs Playing Poker

Han Solo Action Figure
6) Do you have any amusing stories about your site?   One time a customer ordered a Transformer called Rodimus Prime when what he actually wanted was a toy of Optimus Prime. That's not very funny is it?

7) If you were deserted on a desert island, and you had to be stranded with only one toy, what would that toy be and why?   The Marvel Universe toy of Apocalypse. That's one mean looking toy and I can't see him staying stranded on an island for long.

8) If your website were a person, who would it be and why?   I like to think of it as Han Solo, but with better customer service skills.

9) If your website was a ‘singleton’ looking for a ‘date’, who would that date be and why?   Again, Han Solo. He wouldn't stay single for long.

So there you have it dear reader, my mate Calum and his great toy site Please give it a click when you have the time, plus you can also visit their blog, their facebook page, plus there twitter stream too.