Bruno Cover Now what is the easiest way to start a conflict? It is simple when you think about it really. All you have to do, is find out what someone hates, and then shove it down their throats. And do you know what? That is was these chaps did in this film, one Directed by Larry Charles; and Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen. It was made in 2009; and lasts for 81-minutes.


Hi peoples, my name is Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen), and I am afraid to say that I have had some rather sh*t time of it recently. For a start, I was sacked from my television show, ‘Funkytime’, because some ugly b*tch was annoyed with me during Milan Fashion Week. And on top of that, my Pilipino lover, Diesel (Clifford Bañagale), ditched me for some other man.

Still, I did not mind, because with my assistant-assistant, Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten), by my side, I then decided to fly off to Los Angeles, and become the most famous gay Austrian since Adolph Hitler.

  • L.A. OR BUST: As soon as I set foot in L.A., I had a feeling that I was going to make it big. To begin with, I got an agent who helped me get a small part on a television show – but I was too big for that. Next, I interviewed Paula Abdul whilst she was sitting on a Mexican – but she was too big for him. And finally, I showed my pilot television program to a bunch of old people – but they did not like the size of my cock – it was big.
  • SORTING OUT THE MIDDLE EAST: Whilst I was giving the ghost of Milli-Vanilli a blowjob, I knew what I had to do next to make it in this town – I had to sort out the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. So I went over there and spoke to a couple of guys about hummus, before I sung to them a very nice song. It didn't work – just like me trying to get myself kidnapped afterwards.
  • ME AND MY LITTLE O.J.: Just prior to me going back to Los Angeles, I picked up an African baby on the way (who I named O.J.) and returned with a new angle to my career – motherhood. However, this ‘angle’ had some mixed results for the people in this burg. The ‘stage parents’ did not mind me having this brown baby – but the brown studio audience and the child services did – and they took him away from me.
  • GETTING STRAIGHT: After spending most of the day handcuffed to Lutz, I then decide to leave him and start to ‘play it straight’ – like all of the famous celebrities in Hollywood. Thankfully, a man with blowjob lips gave me some good advice to help me out with this – which led me towards a self-defense class, the army, hunting for hare, and a swingers party – all with mixed results.

Now what next transpires happens eight months latter – as rednecks get pissed – Lunz gets kissed – Elton John gets missed – and a marriage gets a slap on the wrist.


Now before I give you my opinion on ‘Brüno’, please allow me spin some trivia first. (1) After the sudden death of Michael Jackson, there was a scene which was associated with him that had to be omitted from the final release – Brüno tricks LaToya into giving him an interview, in which he looks at her mobile phone so that he can get her brother Michael's number. (2) There was another scene in this film that had to be removed as well – Brüno shops at Sears, and tells the clerk that he is gay. (3) A riot ensued at Fort Smith, Arkansas, when a stunt Brüno orchestrated went amiss – pssst, it was the cage match. (4) The television station, KETK-TV, did not know that Brüno was a parody – thankfully, they got the joke when the film was released. (5) Brüno alter ego, Sasha, was recognized by a few of the people who were in attendance of the Proposition 8 rally in Los Angeles. (5) Ron Paul did not know who Brüno was – and he was genuinely offended by his antics. (6) ‘The Richard Bay Show’ was a staged performance – though you could have fooled me when I watched it. (7) The Alabama National Guard were duped by Brüno – which is why their section has been drastically reduced. And (7) Sasha suffered a bad reaction to hydrogen peroxide after bleaching his hair in preparation for the role of Brüno. 

Bruno pose

OK, so now that I have all of that out of my system, ‘Brüno’, is it better than ‘Borat’? Err – simply put – no – not at all. In fact, in essence, I would say that this film is a pale imitation of it’s mockumentary predecessor (click here for review).

Please note, I am not trying to say that this film is a bad film at all, oh no. Rather, now that ‘Borat’ has led the way; this movie does not seem to have the same type of shock factor as before – simple as that really.

Moreover, the conceptual story structure is very similar in tone as well. For example; ACT ONE – set up the story – funny looking celebrity goes to America with comedy ally. ACT TWO – cause controversy – poke fun at people without them even knowing it. ACT THREE – a parting of ways – funny looking celebrity and comedy ally split, thus leaving main protagonist on his own until the films conclusion.

See what I mean?

Bruno horse

Listen, I do not want to sound like a right git about this movie, as there were some really funny, shocking, and awkward moments in it. Trust me, there are times where you are left just staring at the screen, and wondering to yourself if this is ‘for real’ or not. Also, there are other times that you cannot help but applaud Sasha for making such as bold an lude statement about the mentality of some people – truthfully – it is awe inspiring.

However, where taste is concerned, at times, ‘Brüno’ can be over the top, and crass to the point of weariness.

Overall, though, this is one of those films that has both good and bad bits to it. Plus, is for fans of Sashas work, and lovers of brash, camp, and straight to the point awkward humor.

Here, let me leave you with one of my favorite ‘Brüno’ scenes – its not from the movie...


BRUNO BRUNO Reviewed by David Andrews on February 22, 2012 Rating: 5
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