Click Cover Have you ever wondered why technology and religion always appear to be very strange bedfellows? One is a concept of science. The other is an aspect of history. And together, they just clash. Exactly like this film in fact – one Directed by Frank Coraci; and Starring: Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, and Kate Beckinsale. It was made in 2006; and lasts 100-minutes.

Click (Special Edition)

Now it is a very sad thing to say, but surly architect, Michael Newman (Adam Sandler), spends more time prepping work for his boss, John Ammer (David Hasselhoff), than he does having fun with his wife, Donna (Kate Beckinsale), and kids.

However, one evening, when Michael goes to the shopping mall to buy a universal remote control for his television set, he meets a stock room attended called Morty (Christopher Walken), whom gives him something that he desperately needs.

A remote control? Err – yes and no. You see, what Morty gives Michael isn’t just any normal remote control, oh no. It’s a special remote control that he can use to pervert time with, as he sees fit.

For example: Michael can fast forward time when he does not want to have sex with his wife, or take a shower. He can mute Donna’s friends’ voice, Janine (Jennifer Coolidge) when she shouts at him for his bad behaviour. He can go back in time and witness his Mum, Trudy (Julie Kavner), and Dad, Ted (Henry Winkler), do the nasty. He can skip forward in time so that he does not have to ‘be present’ during a family gathering. Plus on top of that, he can even change the language of prospective Japanese clients, so that he can ascertain what they need with a proposed project.

Great news, right? No - afraid not. Because amidst all of this ‘tampering with time’, the remote control begins to determine that Michael only uses this device whenever he is in trouble. So what does the remote do next? Yes – regrettably – it gets stuck on auto-pilot, and commences to pre-empt Michaels next demand.

Well, that is why it thrusts Michael three month into the future, due to a prompting of a possible job promotion. Then, is does the same things once more! But not for just three months – oh no – ten years – when Michael becomes CEO of the company he works for.  

Now obviously Michael is greatly deterred by these strange turn of events, and he does whatever he can to smash the remote control (which does not work) and ask Morty for help (which does not work either). Worst still, is by this time Michael is a fat b*stard with a heart condition, his son looks like Jonas Hill, his daughter has tits, and his wife is married to another man.


Therefore, that is why what next transpires happens after another time shift. As death leads to revelations – marriage leads to acceptance – and a new life dawns in the dreams of the old.


My God! What a f*cking b*stard of a movie! There I was, just sitting back and watching what I though to be just another ‘Adam Sandler’ comedy – but suddenly – boom – it kicked me right in the teeth and made me cry like a baby.

Now I do not mean this in a bad way about ‘Click’ of course  – because any film than can make me feel is a good film in my book. Nevertheless, it is the way that this film creeped up on me, which made it so bloody deceiving.

Christopher and Adam in Click

You see, it start’s off with a somewhat jovial pretext, when Adam’s character is given a remote control by Christopher’s character, so that he can play about with in a very charming way. Next, after some fun is had by Adam’s character, the pretext changes a bit, and starts to gradually become more sinister with the whole ‘time shift’ scenario. After that – pow – the pretext takes out a baseball bat and smashed you in the face full on – blatantly relaying the underlining message of what this movie is all about (cherish the time you have with your loved ones). And finally, following a good weep, the pretext relinquishes it grip of your heart, and gives you a conclusion that is one half groan-worthy, and one-half relief (making you feel somewhat strange inside).

Please note, all of what I just said is to be taken in a positive way – as ‘Click’ is a very cleverly constructed film, which has been devised in such a way, that it takes us – the audience – on a roller-coaster ride of an adventure. Moreover, the cast are great (especially the Hoff and Walken), the message is very poignant (it made me cry), and the special effects are not that bad either (like a video game in drag).

Adam and Wife in Click

However, there were three slight things about this movie, that I was not too pleased about. Firstly, the name of this film, ‘Click’, does not really sell it for me – because it does come across a silly throw away ‘tag line’. Secondly, there is a rather jagged tone to the overall film – especially in the ‘time shift’ sequences, progressing the though line with a slightly hollow subtext. And thirdly, how on earth does someone like Adam bag a girl like Kate – that was more far fetched than the whole remote control thing.

Overall, though, this is just a brilliant film to watch. Personally speaking, I would define it as the modern day version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, with an additional spattering of ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Sleeper’ for good measure. Plus, in additional to this, I have to confess, the underling message it the thing that moved me the most.

Be good to people – don’t take others for granted – live life to the fullest – and also, please watch this, my favorite parts of the movie, as it’s a blast...


CLICK CLICK Reviewed by David Andrews on February 24, 2012 Rating: 5
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