An old friend of mine told me a joke once about poker players. He said to me "Whats the difference between someone who likes to play poker and a stray mutt?". Then, when I shrugged my shoulders back at him in response, he flicked me with the punch-line - "A stray mutt stops whining after five years of pinning for what he can't have". Ha! What a git! Honestly, I don't think that my mate could really understand the type of camaraderie and passion that comes with this erstwhile pursuit. Completely unlike these chaps and chap-ettes at...

free online poker games

You see, when it comes down to a game like poker, you have to keep in mind that this type of recreational activity has more to do with socializing than it does about winning. OK, I have to admit, to a certain extent it is to do with the cash as well. However, on reverse side of this argument, there is an interactive element which makes this game much more sweeter than most.

Here, have a look at this clip to see what I mean...

Now I am sure that you are thinking to yourself, that this particular video clip, probably isn't the best way to illustrate what comes with a game like poker, right? Well, if you think a bit more, what this jovial piece of footage also does, is to highlight why you have to look at your opponent in the face to really know what is going on underneath his skin.

And this is a fundamental part of most poker rules!

Please note, most of the on-line poker sites do not give you the privilege of one on one interaction whilst playing a game. Thankfully, though, with a little help from the people at www.faceupgaming.com, this is a problem no more!

Face Up Gaming is the first and only on-line interactive poker site where you can see, hear, and talk to your opponents, all at the same time, whilst having a game of cards. Moreover, you can also play for cash or for prizes, enter their wide range of multi / single table online tournaments, as well as learn many of their poker strategies to boot! It's great it is, just being able to have a natter whilst you have a flutter.

Well? Come on! What more do you want? Poker face?

OK, so maybe not that particular rendition of Poker face. Nevertheless, Face Up Gaming does provide you with an interactive and social platform to play such games as No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit Hold'em,  Omaha, Stud, and Razz. So why not give it a click? Go head, what have you got to loose?