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Sid Vicious - Final 24 Cover
In a strange way, anarchy has to be exhibited first, so that you can understand the true nature of order. Well, if you don’t know how to feel pain, how do you know what it would be like to be injured. Or alternatively, how do you comprehend what is right or what is wrong, if there isn’t an example which can demonstrate this to you. Maybe this 50-minute documentary made in 2010 will show you what I mean by this.

Vicious, Sid - Final 24

THE STORY: This episode of ‘The Final 24’ presents the anarchic leap and dive of English punk rocker, Sid Vicious. Now to help this show demonstrate its findings, on display are: stock photography, archival footage, re-enactments, and pre-recorded interviews by friends, colleges, police affiliates, and physiologists, all associated or affiliated with Sid.

Here is a brief run down on the contents of this feature:

  • DRUGGY DEAREST: John Simon Ritchie (also known a Sid Vicious) had a very troubled upbringing on the mean streets of South London (Lewisham). He was estranged from his father – his mother, Anne, was a hippy / drug addict / drug dealer – and on top of that, his formative years were unstable, alternate, and somewhat reclusive. However, Sid did manage to establish a close bond with his mother – and treated her like an older sister.
  • THE SEX PISTOLS: Once in his late teens Sid became a punk. Moreover, his reputation grew when he joined the band ‘The Sex Pistols’. Also, with this affiliation, so too did his lifestyle: Sid became wilder – Sid flaunted his masochistic tendencies – and Sid liked to dabble in drugs as well.
  • SID AND NANCY: When Sid met and fell in love with an American groupie, Nancy Spungen, his life changed rather radically. For a start, she introduced him to heroin. Next, due to this ‘friendship’, Sid fell out with his band. After that, both Sid and Nancy moved to New York, so that he could pursue a solo career. Ultimately, though, Sid was accused of Nancy’s death, when a blade that he bought was found protruding out of her lifeless body. Please note - Sid had no recollection of how this tragic turn of events transpired because he was high.
  • DEPRESSION TO DEATH: When Nancy died, Sid started suffering from depression because the police presumed that he was involved with her demise. In addition to this, he began exhibiting suicidal tendencies also – resulting in him being incarcerated for his own good.
  • THE LAST DAY: Sid Vicious’ last day reads as follows: (6) Sid was released from prison and then sent to the courthouse for his discharge – he was met by his mum, Anne, and his friend, Pete, outside. (5) Next, the three of them go back to Anne’s hotel room, where his mum gives Sid a fix – this fix does not work, and so Sid asks Pete to get him some more ‘gear’ for later the same day. (4) Sid and his mum goes across town and parties with some friends of his – all seems to be well. (3) Pete shows up and gives Sid some noted high quality heroin – he OD’s on it. (2) Thankfully, Pete is able to resuscitate Sid – and he leaves the heroin that he bought for him with his mother. (1) Once the party is over, and Sid is in bed with his then girlfriend, Margaret, Sid manages to gets the drugs from his mum – worst still, she gives him the dose that will end his life forever.

Please note: This latter fact wasn't revealed until years later, when Sid’s Mum, Alice, said it to a friend of hers upon her death bed.

My God, what a screwed-up documentary! Now please do not take this statement the wrong way, as it has nothing to do with this program’s execution – ‘The Final 24’ always presents a good solid tale. What I mean by this; is that the story in itself is very screwed-up thing – and for a number of reasons too.

Firstly, the whole up and down life that Sid had, is a very sad story – heck, it’s just nuts. Secondly, I do feel that people whom have masochistic tendencies, do need keeping a constant eye on – because that sh*t must hurt. Thirdly, the whole punk subculture does come across as being a bit too alien to me – and this from someone who reads a lot of science fiction book. Fourthly, the ‘drug thing’ is a topic of note which will always grate on my nerves – especially due to the amount of people I've known who have died from this dependency. And fifthly, it does feel kind of weird for me when I watch a program about Sid Vicious – considering that I only live a street or two away from where he used to live with his Mum.  

Sid and Nancy

However, the most unnerving aspect of ‘Sid Vicious – the Final 24’, is the fact that his mother was the person whom killed him. Now what can I say to that, huh? That she was mad? That she was a nut? That she should have suffered in a court of law due to this act? No – I cannot say that. Sid’s Mum, Anne, is a product of her time – and as such, is a misguided soul whom thought that she was doing the right thing for her kid – even though that does sound rather strange.

Sid Vicious
You see, in my life, I have met a lot of people like Anne and Sid – people whom society judges because of their ways and their lifestyle. Though, in my opinion, society is the one whom should be judged – society is the aspect that makes people like Anne and Sid.

Now a good example of this would be the part of this documentary where Anne felt that she had to be depended on drugs, so that the local council would re-house her. Personally speaking, I know that this type of thing goes on – because governments / councils / whatever, will only reluctantly help people, if they are at the lowest of the low... sometimes. But why don’t they help people before this, huh? Why don’t they find the cracks in the system, and gage preventative measures to halt people from relying of ‘substances’ to wail away their lives. 

Sid Vicious Prison Photo

Oh! I don’t know.

When I watch a program such as this one, all I feel deep inside me, is ‘what a waste’. Granted, all the people involved in this story, do seem a bit loopy to me. Nevertheless, that is not to say that they don’t deserve a decent ‘crack of the whip’ (this is an old English expression).

Bless you Sid, Anne, and all the other nutters whom this liberal wished that society did not shun... god save the queen...


THE FINAL 24 - SID VICIOUS THE FINAL 24 - SID VICIOUS Reviewed by David Andrews on February 02, 2012 Rating: 5
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