Wedding Daze Cover Have you ever done something so spontaneous, and so dramatic, that it actually changed the rest of your life forever? You know, like shag a squid in front of a sibling. Or mate with a monkey next to a monk. Or better yet, maybe something seen in this film, one Directed by Larry Charles; and Starring: Jason Biggs, Isla Fisher, and Michael Weston. It was made in 2006; and lasts for 90-minutes.

Wedding Daze

One year after his girlfriend dies whilst proposing to her, guess what Anderson (Jason Biggs) does next? No – he does not stick his cock in a pie. Instead, his best friend, Ted (Michael Weston), inadvertently persuades him to ask the first girl that he sees to marry him.

Now Katie (Isla Fisher) is her name, and three days prior to Anderson’s proposition, Katie’s then boyfriend, William (Chris Diamantopoulos), asks her to marry him also. Obviously both her Mother and her Stepfather (Joanna Gleason and Matt Malloy) are just happy about this idea – and so too is her incarnated Real-Dad (Joe Pantoliano) too. But Katie, herself, is unsure about it.

Therefore, now that Anderson has also done this deed, what do you think Katie says next? ‘Yes’ – she says ‘yes’ – that’s what.

OK, I understand that this does sound like a rather strange thing to do, though it’s not as strange as what happens between Anderson and Katie from here on in.

  • For a start, things become a bit strained for them both when Katie movies into his apartment. Because Anderson gets a bump on his head when she turns up in a car  – and Katie gets toothpaste in her eye when she tries to seduce him. 
  • Next, when they visit Kate’s parents, things become slightly peculiar for them as well. Because Anderson is called a ‘loser’ by her Mother – and Kate is accosted by William from afar. 
  • After that, when they visit Andersons parents (Edward Herrmann and Margo Martindale), things get a little more intense for them. Because Andreson is given a cock ring by his Dad – and Kate is shocked when Anderson’s mother tells her about his previous dead girlfriend. 
  • And finally, when they meet up at Katie’s friends place, Matador and Jane (Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Heather Goldenhersh) things get very emotional for them. Because Kate airs her views to Anderson – and he is left out in the cold.

Pretty sad and weird turn of events, wouldn’t you agree. Still, thanks to Matador, Anderson and Katie reconnect the following day, and then, aided by their friends, they steal a car and then drive to matrimony. Moreover, by this time, Katie’s Real-Dad escapes from Jail, and takes her Mother to see what Katie is up to too.

Well, that is why what next transpires is a real rollercoaster ride of love for one and all. As families join forces inside – blessings are given by those who died – the husband is quick to kiss the bride – and the authorities take pictures before parole is applied.

A beginning.

Now if there was only one word I could use to describe ‘Wedding Daze’ with, that word would be ‘gookie’. The plot is ‘gookie’, as it involves a pretext that must have taken at least two seconds to think of. The characters are ‘gookie’, because all of them are presented in a way that is either alternate or adverse. The tone is ‘gookie’, and has an almost strained attitude about what comedy is all about. And finally, the overall package is ‘gookie’, but not in the way that you might presume.

Jason and Isla in Wedding Daze

You see, for me – unlike many of the other reviewers who have reviewed this film – I translate ‘gookie’ into a more positive light than the norm. Aesthetically, this movie is just f*cking stupid – because the characters don’t make any sense – the through line tries to be novelistic but isn’t – and overall, things don’t feel natural within the scheme of things. However, this is not a natural film, rather, it is a film that tries to do its best at making the awkward, humorous – the silly, believable – and the heart, pure.

Granted, the way ‘Wedding Daze’ conveys this isn’t necessarily everybody’s cup of tea. But still, that does not make it a bad film. Was ‘Gremlins’ humorous and scary? Was ‘Dumb and Dumber’ silly and poignant? Was ‘Police Academy 1’ believable and funny? Yes and no – but that does not mean that they were not all-good films.

Sexy Isla in Wedding Daze

OK, I best get off of my soap box for the moment, as I would just like to illustrate to you with this movie clip, why I enjoyed this movie in the way I did.

Jason and Isla in Wedding Daze
Do you see? It is a waterfall flowing backwards – that’s what this film is – it defies logic with the hope of what nature may convey. Moreover, all the actors bring something to the table that aide’s this film too. Jason is his ever bumbling self – Isla is so lovely that I want to shag her – Ebon is just amazing – and the ‘old guard’ are spot on also. Plus, lets not forget about the message behind this movie, huh? It is one about hope, spontaneity, and a hippy-like credo that has long been forgotten by this more up-tight world.

OK, so this silly ‘rom-com’ may not be the best film ever. Also, it may not be the most logical and straight forward film either. But what it is, is a different, strange, and ‘gookie’ way of looking at things, which shows that where there’s love, there’s hope.

Like this, my favourite scene in the film, where Isla Fisher shows her assets...

... just before Jason spits toothpaste in her face. The git.


WEDDING DAZE WEDDING DAZE Reviewed by David Andrews on February 23, 2012 Rating: 5
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