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Anna Nicole Smith - Final 24 Cover
Sometimes it is a very big burden being pretty. Well, just think about it for a moment - how many pretty people do you know who are clever? Granted, Einstein doesn't look too bad sealed within a broom closet. And Stephen Hawkins isn't that bad when he has air in his tiers either. Oh! I don’t know. Maybe this documentary could clarify this matter for me? One which lasts for 50-minutes and was made in 2010.

Smith, Anna Nicole - Final 24

This episode of ‘The Final 24’ presents the highs and the lows of one of the world’s most curvaceous creatures ever – Anna Nicole Smith. As per usual, this true life tale of woe is jam packed with authentic reconstructions, stock photography, and pre-recorded interviews by Anna’s friends, family, piers, and specialists associated with her life and death.

Here is a basic overall of what this presentation entails:

  • A FANTASY CHILDHOOD: Anna Nicole Smith was born in Harris County, Texas, by the name, Vickie Lyn Hogan. However, when she got older, she changed her name, and she tried to change her origins too. She shied away from the fact that her mother was a deputy sheriff and her wayward father was a rapist. She neglected to inform people of the way she turned her back on her education and her own erstwhile roots with her aunt. Plus on top of that, Anna also failed to mention that she was a single parent mother at an early age, plus a fantasist who tried to pervert her history to conform to a lifestyle similar to her idols, Marilyn Monroe. 
  • RELYING ON HER ASS-ESTS: Anna’s drive to provide for her son and become rich and famous started when she realised that men found her physically appealing - thus propelling her to work as a stripper until she could afford bigger breasts. In fact, Anna was so right with her presumption – especially when she was noticed with bigger boobs by a photographer who photographed her for Playboy magazine - which propelled her into the media spotlight. 
  • TROUBLE AT THE TOP: Once she became famous, Anna had a very difficult time handling her success. On the one hand, she was loved by the media, and had the wealth she always craved for in life. Whilst, on the other hand, this status gave her the opportunity to delve into drugs, sleep with a lot of men and women, and cause her to rely more and more on her looks than on her Country savvy.
  • A HARD DROP TO THE BOTTOM: Anna’s fall from grace was very long and hard for her to say the least. For a start, she married aging tycoon, Jay Howard Marshal, for the notoriety, yet when he died not so long thereafter, her name started to turn into mud. She marries her lawyer, Howard Stern, who helped her with the troubles she was having with her previous husband’s estate. Only for her to then turn her back on her own family and gain weight. After that, Anna loses some weight, gets married to Howard, and starred in her own reality television show -- all of which did not do her any good emotionally. And finally, she gave birth to a daughter, Danielynne, and lost her son, Daniel, to a drugs overdose -- causing her world to spiral out of control. 
  • THE FINAL 24: Anna’s last 24 hours plays out as follows. (5) Even though depressed and feeling under the weather due to her abundant drug taking and the death of her son, Anna goes to Florida to sell her boat to a man called ‘King Eric’. (4) When Anna’s Doctor has to leave her company because of a prior work commitment, she starts to feel even worse because she cannot sleep, she has a mark on her bottom, and she takes even more ‘prescribed’ drugs. (3) The following day Anna wakes up and shows her bodyguard, Big Mo, her mark, and then goes back to sleep – letting him take charge of the sale of her boat. (2) Big Mo tells his wife, Tasmin, to keep an eye on Anna while he is away, because Tasmin is a trained nurse. (1) After some time passes, Tasmin and a friend discover that Anna has fallen into a coma – they try to resuscitate her – but she dies at the hospital. 

The cause of her death was of ‘combined drug intoxication’ – part antidepressants, part pretty-pills.

My God! What an alarming tale! ‘The Final 24 – Anna Nicole Smith’ reads like a very strange parable of beauty without control. Personally speaking, I like to think of it as a tawdry real life tale of what could happen if people concentrate more on the exterior than they do on the interior.

Well, Anna was a very pretty and voluptuous lady, right? Nobody can deny that. But inside she does appear to be a somewhat delusional person all in all – one who relied more on praise from other people, than she did from love of the heart. Now I know of many-many women like Anna in real life – quite a few of them spring to mind while I am typing this review. They have a vacancy inside them that has no centre, because they do not really know what true love is until it is gone. 

Anna Nicole Smith Wallpaper

Anna Nicole Smith
Please note, I do not wish to sound too judgmental about Anna as a person. No way. I cannot judge someone who is in fact a self-made woman. Anna is a star – Anna is an idol – and Anna is someone who should prompt other women who want to follow in her footsteps, to take note of her life and death and act accordingly. Moreover, Anna is the type of woman that most men would love to see dangling from their arm too.

Though, that is my point, isn't it? The beauty of the exterior superseding the beauty of the interior! 

I just wished that people could have gotten to know who the ‘inner Anna’ was – and not just the pouting pretty girl that she has come to be known as due to her ‘reality television show’. And do you know what? Through this documentary we did get a chance to see a smidgen of this – via the words of her Mother, her cousin, and her bodyguard, Big Mo. 

Granted, I would have liked for ‘The Final 24 – Anna Nicole Smith’, to highlight more of this, plus explain to us about her fleeting movie career, and her time in softcore pornography. But I suppose 50 minutes is not long enough for a lady like Anna, and we just have to cherish the time she was been around us. Here, check this out… 

Bless you Anna – your life is an example to us all – one way or another. 


THE FINAL 24 - ANNA NICOLE SMITH THE FINAL 24 - ANNA NICOLE SMITH Reviewed by David Andrews on March 09, 2012 Rating: 5
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