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9 Mar 2012


By David Lee Andrews   Posted at  13:30   SERVICES

As you may or may not already know, Fandango is American's leading cinema ticketing agent, with over 16,000 screens nationwide at their disposal. Moreover, they also inform us moviegoers about the special concessions they have on offer, with their blog, reviews, video-clips, and movie news. However, today, I want to tell your about some of Fandangos facilities, whilst at the same time giving you a bit of incite into why you should use their service.

Get free Fandango movie tickets when you try a special offer.

Now I am sure that like most cinephiles, you have often wanted to know when and where your next favorite movie will be playing. So what do you do about it? Jump onto the internet and do a google? As that is what most people do, until they realize that they have to sprawl though a shed load of listings before they get to what they really want. Why not use this search widget by Fandango instead, huh? It's free.

468x60 Full Banner
Go Fandango!

Do you have that itch within that you just can't scratch? That passion deep inside you to know when a certain film is being released? If so, look no further than Fandango! Because they regularly update their services to do just that. Here are a selection of films that I am sure will float your boat. Click on the banner and the rest is just one extra click away: Avengers - The Amazing Spider-Man - and Men In Black 3

Be the first to know Avengers tickets go on sale.

Know when tickets go on sale for Spider-Man

Know when tickets go on sale for Men In Black 3!

Just like the rest of technological civilization, Fandango also has a cellphone app that is free to download, providing you with up to the minute information on what they have on offer. Go ahead and click on the banner and make your phones day.

Find showtimes on Fandango!

If you want to give that special someone a very special birthday or Christmas gift, why don't you give them a Fantango? Yes, that's right, you can customize for a friend or a member of the family, a cinema experience that they will never forget. You know what you have to do to find out more - click, click, click.

Design your own Fandango gift card.

Please check out these offers when you can find the time - plus please note - I will inform you of future offers when they available.  Make your's Fandango. (click here to check out my previous Fandango promo).

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