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Jim Morrison - Final 24 Cover
Now if you wanted to be a poet, what would you have to do to gain entry into this field? Correct – you educate yourself in this craft and then preserver until you can finally see the writing on the wall. Well, that is unless you are ‘The Lizard King’ himself, Jim Morrison, as seen in this 50-minute documentary made about him in 2010.

Morrison, Jim - Final 24

In this episode of ‘The Final 24’, we are presented with another life and death scenario, this time relating to ‘the Doors’ front man, Jim Morrison.

Now to help chronicle this tale of fire and ice, there is a truckload of still photography, archive movie, and pre-recorded interviews made by Jim’s cohorts, friends, groupies, and specialists alike.

Here is a brief run down that I am sure will light your fire. 

  • A POET IS BORN: Born December 8th, 1943, in Melbourne, Florida, James Douglas Morrison had a very turbulent time whilst growing up in this lo-cal. You see, his father, George, was an Army man, who traveled around a lot, and wanted Jim to follow in his footsteps. Plus, in addition to this, whilst Jim was very cleaver for his age, he also witnessed a tragic road side accident that scarred him for life. So what did Jim do next? Correct - he got himself arrested for being drunk and disorderly, and then tuned his back on his relatives to enrolled into a film-school in California. Jim never saw his parents again after that – telling everybody that he met that they had died some time ago.
  • OPENING DOORS: Once Jim completed film school, he and a fellow classmate, Dennis Jakobs, formed the rock group ‘The Doors’ – named after a line of poetry written by the poet, Thomas Blake. Thankfully, at first, this union seemed to be very fruit-full one, to all involved – as the music was innovative, the lyrics had meaning, and Jim’s good looks and bohemian performances propelled the band from stage act to media darlings. However, Jim only saw this venture as a stepping-stone to what he really wanted to do, become a poet, causing him to drink to access, and appear more sullen in temperament.
  • CLOSED DOORS: I am afraid to say that Jim’s self-destructive behavior manifested itself in many different ways. For a start, Jim put on weight and grew a beard so that the media could not promote his image. Then, he cheated on his long-standing girlfriend, Pamela Courson, with a number of groupies he met on tour. After that, Jim tried to distance himself from his music by making a personal film and writing a book on poetry – not that this did him any good. And finally, his performances on stage became very detrimental to ‘The Doors’ – especially when Jim attempted to strip naked, prompting the audience to do likewise.
  • TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Regrettably, because of Jim’s lude antics on stage, plus quite a few of his other transgressions as well – the media turned his back on him – he got arrested by the police – and ‘The Doors’ refused to perform on stage with him anymore. Therefore, Jim then decided to go to Paris to ‘recharge his batteries’ in a more artistic climate.
  • THE FINAL 24: After spending four months in Paris, Jim Morrison’s final day plays out as follows. (5) He spends most of the morning with and old friend of his, Alain Ronay, drinking, talking, and shopping, whilst also experiencing a number of ‘hic-up fits’ which will prove detrimental later on. (4) Jim has a slight tremor just before his pal, Alain, leaves him, and he has to have a quick sit down and a drink to steady his nerves. (3) Not so long after Alain goes, Jim’s girlfriend, Pamela, accompanies Jim to the cinema, and they watch a movie together. (2) When the film ends, both Pamela and Jim return to their rented apartment, and watch home movies whilst snorting cocaine. (1) Jim wakes up from a slight slumber, runs himself a bath, and then dies in it – his heart gives out due to a lifetime of excess.

Poor Jim Morrison. He wanted to be a respected poet and artist, but he became a pretty boy front man for a rock-band instead. And, if anything, what ‘Jim Morrison – The Final 24’ has also taught me, is that you should always do what your heart craves for, and not get molded into something that other people want you to become.

Well, take many of the musicians of the more modern day and age for example – you know that the music companies are tweaking them here, and nudging them there, just so that they can be a ‘marketable commodity’. Come on, lets face it, that is what most ‘musicians’ are nowadays, right? A commodity. Moreover, this is precisely what Jim realized too – something that caused him to drink like a fish, act like a Looney, and ultimately kick the bucket in a bathtub.

Jim Morrison

Still, was any of this fair for the rest of ‘The Doors’? Seeing their band mate act like a nut on stage and crack! Then again, what about Jims many fans? Because some of them were there to see ‘their messiah’ take a nose dive due to his duelling disposition. Plus, lets not forget about his family and friends? All of whom either added to Jims dilemma, or witnessed it taking shape.

Jim Morrison Prison Photo
Oh! I don’t know – all I know is that Jim drank himself into an early grave because he was not what he wanted to be.

OK, I know that this is an easy thing for me to say, given my present benefit of hindsight. Also, after watching ‘Jim Morrison – The Final 24’, is it even easier for me to see the building blocks as to why Jim snuffed it at such an early age, and how he could have been saved with a more modern perspective.

But 27? Bloody hell! That’s mad! Just as mad as Jim’s life! Telling people that his parents had died when they were still very much alive? Drinking like a fool until he passed out on the pavement, drooling in the gutter? Rebelling against those around him, because he could not rebel against the people he really wanted to? And what about that ‘Lizard King’ stuff? Plus that parable about a dead Indian possessing his body? 

Jim – you have really ‘lit my fire’ mate.

Jim Morrison Grave

Crazy poor misguided Jim – no wonder you died in Paris. However, this does seem very appropriate I suppose – a fish out of water resting in a cemetery housed with your forbearers – such as Oscar Wilde and his ilk.

Rest in ‘peace frog’ buddy – because maybe in death your music will burn as brightly as your demeanor was allowed to. What do you say to that Jim? What do you think about what I have said?

Class documentary – strange review – and a must watch tale for Jim Morrison and ‘Doors’ fans everywhere.


THE FINAL 24 - JIM MORRISON THE FINAL 24 - JIM MORRISON Reviewed by David Andrews on March 16, 2012 Rating: 5
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