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The Justice League is currently in danger. And this new villain does not look like a stranger. But what is his name? Is it something profane? Like old time actor Stewart Granger!! Or maybe you should ask these guys, Writer: Dan Jurgens; Artist: Aaron Lopresti; and Publisher: DC Comics in April 2012.

So what’s the STORY morning glory?
'Breakdown' deals with the aftermath of last issue's bombing of the United Nations building, a place where the Justice League International just received the all clear to becoming a globally sanctioned super-group.

Or will they?

Well, most of the team has had to hospital you see. Fire is in a coma. Vixen's legs are broken. Ice has to be operated on. Godiva is all beaten up. And Ivanovitch, Briggs, and Espisito, are with us no more.

Thankfully, Guy is still up and around, and deals with some strange energy creatures hovering nearby. Batman is up on his feet too, and goes in search for the culprits involved with this disaster. And as for Booster Gold on the other hand - well - he is present when Chairwoman Bao tells him that the JLI's charter has been revoked - so too is August General.

However, the General isn't there when Booster is attacked by one of people associated with this blast some time later, Lightweaver, whereas Batwing is.

To be continued...

What is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
Although it did kind of sound cliché, it was nice when Batman said to Booster "Wake up, Booster. With everything that has happened today, the J.L.I. we knew... is no more. But our work isn't. Justice calls".

Dramatic yet poignant, don't you find.

What was the BEST thing about this issue?
This story is really a surprising piece of work I can tell you. Now most of us comic book fans have seen a bomb blast at the end of one issue, expecting that in the following issue, all will be right again, in one way or another. But I am amazed to say that this issue is the exception to the rule, and I applaud it for doing something that was so desolate and so hopeless, that it almost took my breath away.

What was the WORST thing about this issue?
I am afraid to say that this Lightweaver character looks a lot like a dandy version of a power-ranger to me, and did not really fit into the tone of this story one little bit. In fact, in the few panels that he did appear in, I just wanted him to p*ss off, because he was kind of distracting. 

What was the most CREATIVE thing about this issue?
STORY: In essence, this story was like watching a medical drama, where things kept on happening one after the other after the other. Please note, this is a good thing where this particular tale is concerned, because it instilled into this chapter a dramatic and a personal tone that made it a very captivating page turner.

ART: Now artist, Aaron Lopez, has stepped up his game on this series with this issue, and has managed to capture the spirit and the candour to the overall tale. However, on the reverse side of the art, the colors are still too 'Saturday Morning Cartoon ' for my liking, and they are one of the only few drawbacks to this series, as a pertinent read

If you had to CAST TWO CHARACTERS in this comic book, who would they be and why?
GAVRIL: As this poor Russian sod is playing tennis with Lenin at the moment, I thought that to respect his passing, a great actor like Mark Strong would do him justice. Agreed?

DADDY ESPOSITO: OK, I know that he only had a small role in this story, but I still feel that this sad papa would be represented very well by 'Amadeus' actor, F. Murray Abraham.

If this issue had a MOVIE TAG LINE, what would it be?
Please Take A Bow Because Gavril Ivanovich Has Just Left The Building.

If this issue were a MOVIE, an OBJECT, or a piece of MUSIC, what would that be and why? 
The overall tone of this story was much more thematic than the story itself. So I feel that something with a dirge like quality to it, should be able to symbolize this mood to a tea. Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor VI - perfect.

FINAL thoughts...
Bless writer extraordinaire, Dan Jurgens, because I knew that he had something more in him than intergalactic space miners with a grudge. I just hope that he can continue this motion by presenting to us something like he has done in the last couple of issues, as that this will make the naysayer keep quite about the 'good old days'.

Well, maybe for a short while.

MARKS out of 10? 8.5

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7 JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7 Reviewed by David Andrews on March 23, 2012 Rating: 5
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